Make any PDF file official, so you can add your signature


Work with office files in Pdf format It has become more common than you might think at first. These specific files are used in all kinds of environments, both professional and end-user. One of the main reasons for all this is the enormous versatility and types of use they provide us.

At first we might think that its operation is based on the text content, but the reality is very different. And it is that current PDFs have all kinds of more advanced or complex content such as videos, photos or tables, among others. That is precisely why we can use them for our own documents, product manuals, booksor even official documents to present in their corresponding offices or estates.

It is worth knowing that this particular format was initially developed by the software giant Adobe. Some time later, it released the permissions so that the files in PDF format could be used by anyone. Once we know all this, it is worth mentioning that in these same lines we are going to show you the easiest way to make any PDF official. In this way we can use them like the paper documents that we have been signing for years for all kinds of tasks.

Obviously for this we will need include a personal digital signature in the document to make it official, something in which we are precisely going to help you now. This is an essential preliminary step if we want to formalize an official document to present in any state or office that requires it.

How to sign any document in PDF format

One of the most used and effective methods when it comes to signing any document in this office format is through the Acrobat Reader program. This is a software solution owned by Adobe that includes all kinds of functions especially indicated for PDF. As you can imagine, since it belongs to the same firm that develops the format as such, it works perfectly with most files with these characteristics.

However, we must know that to get the most out of this application and take advantage of all its functions, we have to pay. If we use it for free, we will only have the possibility of viewing its content and little else. But at the same time we can always make use of other third party applications that will help us to officially sign these documents.

Another of the multitasking applications for these files also offers us the possibility of officially signing these documents, it is the Foxit software solution. Here we find several editions of the application to choose the one that best suits our needs, all of them also paid. In the event that we are looking for a solution that is powerful and effective enough to sign PDF, but at no cost, then we are going to talk about a useful one Web Application.

All that we are going to need to take advantage of the Sedja application is to access it from our favorite internet browser. Next, we have nothing but upload the corresponding PDF file to the online platform and select the Sign option at the top. From here we will have the possibility of adding a personalized signature to make any document in this format official, all for free.

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