Magalí Colomer: “the Committee is here to make things easier for sailors”



Magalí Colomer has already worked as a regatta officer in sailing competitions and says she knows the boat because her brother has one in Lloret de Mar with which he goes sailing from time to time.

(3-6-2022). Magali Colomer will be the first official of the regatta committee of the 2022 Championship of Catalonia for senior sailing. She is not worried about the large number of entries recorded by the competition. “I am already used to facing regattas with many participants”. He recommends to sailors: “calm down and go out and enjoy”.

Magalí Colomer is one of the very few cases of second generation race officer that exists in the Catalan panorama. His father has already worked as such in numerous competitions, one of his most relevant moments being on the occasion of the Barcelona Olympics.

Magalí Colomer, who defines herself as a “woman of the sea” and who points out that she started sailing in optimist when she was about 7 or 8 years old and, later, she has sailed in laser, as well as with the sailboat that her brother has in Lloret de Mar, he graduated as a regatta officer in 2006. During these sixteen years he has been part of regatta committees performing different functions in World Championships, Europe, in state, regional and local regattas of various types of boats.

INFORMATIONAL SPONSOR. Gesiuris is the informative sponsor of the 2022 Catalan Championship for senior sailing.

In the sailing skate class it also has a notable history, highlighting, among others, its participation in the 2012 Catalonia Team Championship held in Sant Pol de Mar, or the 2017 International Adipav Cup, precisely in Canet de Mar.

Given the avalanche of registrations registered for the 2022 Catalan Championship for senior sailing skates, he acknowledges that “never before had he run a regatta with so many skates.” Despite this, he assures that “it doesn’t scare me” and argues it based on the fact that “I’m quite used to moving with large fleets, especially in Laser and Optimist. In addition, in this case, since there are two fleets -the first and the second-, the global fleet will be segmented around just over 50 boats, which is manageable”.


Colomer already plans to work with large routes, “although with one less section”, to prevent the fleets from accumulating, despite competing on the same route. In that sense, although he prefers not to give too many details, he does affirm that he will leave a reasonable time between the departure of the former, who will leave first, and the start of the departure process of the latter, who will leave later.

INFORMATIVE CO-SPONSOR. Depoorter Sails is the informative co-sponsor of the 2022 Catalan Championship for senior skate sailing.

His objective in this Championship of Catalonia is to mount some good starts, some good routes, make the changes to these that the conditions require, as well as good finishes, and try to make the waiting times between heats as short as possible.


Colomer maintains that “the sailors are the most important thing in the competition. The race committee is the least important and is there to make things easy for the participants. It’s like in football matches in which the ideal is for the referee to barely be noticed because everything flows as it should flow”.

As a delicate moment, he recognizes the exits of which he assumes that “they will not be easy due to the number of boats, but I have already experienced similar situations and, even, with more boats. The difference is that the skate, because it does not have a rudder, has a more complex maneuverability at that point in the competition”.

The first official of the 2022 Catalan Championship of senior sailing skate is not in favor of starting the exit processes raising the black flag. “The black one is for when things turn that color,” he asserts. Then she explains that “I always start with the Uniform”.


Magalí Colomer will lead a team of about six people at sea. He will have Patricia Sitges, as second officer, as well as Enric Vidal as beacon; Alex Bernalte, as viewer; Pol Allain and Lluna Vadallo, as rescue and buoyage support; and David Marimón, as a volunteer.

The judges of the competition, Pax Quiñonero and Sandro de Rojas, are also expected to help with some of the tasks in the water, while Xavier Crespo will act, mainly on land, in addition to being part of the judging team.

Magalí Colomer highlights the great organizational task that the Club Mar i Vent de Canet is carrying out before this championship, as well as the collaboration that the Club Nàutic Arenys de Mar will carry out, which will provide diverse and important resources for the development of the competition.

Colomer acknowledges that “as a result of the high enrollment, I see that there are many nerves in the organization but I have conveyed the same message to everyone I have spoken to: rest assured that everything will be fine”.

To the sailors who will take part in the championship, he recommends: “calm down and go out and enjoy yourself”.

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