Lula defends “responsible agro” and rules out reversing privatizations


BRASILIA (Reuters) – Former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) said, in an interview with CNN Brasil, that he is not talking about reviewing privatizations in case he is elected to the presidency this year, despite having already said, in previous moments. , which intended to prevent the privatization of companies such as Eletrobras and Correios.

“I didn’t talk about reviewing privatization”, said Lula, when asked about previous statements. “I’m going to win the elections, I need to take stock of the situation, I need to know that the primary need is to provide food for these people.”

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Lula also defended agriculture as “indispensable” for the country, and said that part of agribusiness is responsible and knows that it is “necessary to respect the environment because if not, Brazil will be charged later.”

“These people will continue to work and earn money with us”, defended Lula, at the same time as he stated that the problem on the part of agribusiness with a possible new government is because “they know that in a PT government there will be no deforestation in the Amazon.”

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