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The company replaced 100% of the use of Fuel Oil with liquefied gas in the operations of the company that produces fishmeal and fish oil, contributing to improving air quality in the Lota commune in the Bio Bio region.

Lota, Chile.- More than two thousand tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent to 787 cars that stop circulating, are those that will be reduced annually in the operations of Lota Protein thanks to the energy solution implemented by GASCO for the replacement of Fuel Oil (Petroleo N °6) by liquefied gas (Propane).

The project contemplated the change of Fuel Oil burners for liquefied gas burners, in boilers and hot air dryer, which are now fed by a storage plant of 230 tons of liquefied gas. This change makes it possible to maintain the processing capacity of the fishmeal and fish oil plant, reduce particulate matter emissions and improve air quality in the sector. In addition, new burners with a control system were installed to improve their efficiency.

“This project is iconic for our company, due to its magnitude, operational and logistical demands, since it involves 4,400 tons of gas per year that will contribute to a more efficient and sustainable energy operation in line with the Greater Concepción decontamination plan. , in addition to allowing the foundation and paving the way for new initiatives that can promote a better quality of life and the environment,” said Guillermo Arias, GASCO Bulk Manager.

For his part, the General Manager of Lota Protein, Simón Gundelach, commented: “We have an unrestricted commitment to sustainability, and this fuel change implemented together with Gasco is undoubtedly an important milestone in the development of our production process, which At the same time, it allows us to continue maintaining an optimal relationship with the community.”

The project contemplated an investment by Gasco of MMUSD$1.1 and considers a useful life of the project of 25 years, intervening 1,400 m2 inside the Lota Protein facilities with the aim of contributing to the environment and protecting the health of the neighbors and community where it operates, in accordance and in tune with the Greater Concepción Atmospheric Decontamination Plan.

Lota Protein, a company dedicated to the production of fishmeal and fish oil of the highest quality with raw material mainly from artisanal fishermen,) is part of the TripleNine Group, a holding company made up of the Norwegian group Koppernaes and the Danish company TripleNine A/S cooperative company formed by fishermen.

Summary table main figures

● Equivalent consumption: 4,278 [Ton/año].

● Gasco Investment Amount: MMUSD $1.1

● Plant of 4 tanks of 113 [m3]total 452 [m3] or 230 [Ton de Propano].

● Reduction of 30% of CO2 emissions (2,230 Ton CO2), 92% of Particulate Matter, 99% of SO2 and 42% of NOX.

● Installations carried out under ISO 9001:2015 standard

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