Lose a few extra kilos with this Photoshop trick


When we return from vacation or after attending an event, and we start reviewing the photographs and videos that we have taken, it is more than likely that, in some other photograph, we don’t finish seeing each other well at all, either because the belly, the waist or the double chin, seem not to be in accordance with reality (although we do not want to assume it). The solution is to use Photoshop and take off a few extra kilos just like all photography studios do.

Contrary to what we may initially think, reducing the volume of some part of our body it is a very simple operation using Photoshop’s Liquify tool, a tool that, with the right settings, allows us to perform miracles in those photographs where we don’t appear as graceful as we think we are, although it may also be the case that the lighting has played a trick on us, something that, unfortunately, is more common than it seems.

When working with Photoshop, and in general with any photo editor, we always need the best possible quality, so if we want to obtain the best results, it is advisable to work with the original image. If we edit a photograph that we have received through WhatsApp, due to the compression algorithm that it applies to the images, we will never obtain the same result, since the pixels that make it up do not have as much information as the original image.

How to lose weight in Photoshop

With the image in its original resolution on our computer, as I mentioned above, we are going to use the tool Liquefy, since it allows us to carry out the slimming process in just a few seconds. The Liquify option is found within the Filters menu.

Next, in the left column, we select the first available tool, Warp Forward Tool. What this tool does is move the areas of the image that you select with the mouse to move all the content forward, where we move the mouse. In this way, we can reduce the volume of people, animals or any other object.

Lose weight with Photoshop

Depending on the size of the image, we go to the properties of this tool, located on the right side of the application and in Size, we increase the size. Depending on the area of ​​the body to which we want to reduce volume, the size of the tool will have to be more or less large. The larger the size, the result will be satisfactory, at least initially. Once we have roughly reduced the volume, we can reduce the size, enlarge the image and focus on the details to obtain the best result.

Lose weight with Photoshop

Of the rest of the properties that this tool offers us, it is not necessary to modify any other, just the size. If we want the changes not to be shown so pronounced, we can modify the value Pressure to increase the value, which will allow us to reduce or increase the volume in a smoother and not so pronounced way. It is recommended to check the Preview box located at the bottom of this property panel to see the result of the process live.

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