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SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions forecasts that by 2025, about 75% of all lithium produced will be used in vehicle batteries.

Mexico City.- Lithium plays a fundamental role in improving the environment and has opened up a field of infinite transformative possibilities for various industrial sectors such as the production of mobile devices to the manufacture of electric vehicles, transforming the network with battery storage into an energy industry. growing renewable. With companies and governments working to achieve their sustainability goals, investors have turned their eyes and interest to companies that provide technologies and solutions that support the energy transformation and mobility with net zero emissions.

Currently the lithium segment represents 29.3% of the global battery market and investment to extract and refine it is expected to increase by 78.14% during 2022. Batteries are the bridge for the transition to net zero emissions and are drivers of the sustainability, including electric mobility and sustainable energy storage. By 2025, around 75% of all lithium produced is expected to be used in vehicle batteries and by 2030 global demand for this element is projected to exceed two million metric tons, a figure that would double the demand projected for 2025.

In Mexico, some states where lithium deposits have been found are Sonora, Puebla, Oaxaca, Jalisco and Nuevo León. Countries like Bolivia, Chile and Argentina have some of the largest lithium deposits in the world, while China and Australia are also rich in this resource. Among 23 countries with lithium reserves to be certified, Mexico is in tenth place, with which it has almost 2% of this material in exploration, according to the United States Geological Statistics Center (USGS, for its acronym in English).

“Lithium plays an essential role in the energy transition to renewable sources and Latin America will be a protagonist in the coming decades as it has the largest reserves in the world, which will undoubtedly help build a more sustainable future. Today there are more than 70 types of products in which lithium is a main component, from mobile devices to electric vehicles and accelerator for industrial production with renewable energy”, says Diego Araque, director of Marketing and Communication of SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions (SUEZ WTS).

SUEZ WTS’ mission is to help lithium producers overcome challenges by developing and optimizing the production process to reliably meet production targets. You can find complete processing systems, from brine or leach solutions to the final product, including the following technologies:

Lithium purification membrane system Removal of impurities by ion exchange (IX), electrodialysis (ED), precipitation, etc. Crystallization of lithium salts and recrystallization concentration of lithium brine Recovery and crystallization of by-products Solid/liquid separation Drying of lithium products and by-products Bagging systems and solids handling

SUEZ WTS has recently been selected by Eramet, a global mining and metallurgy group, to supply advanced technologies to concentrate and purify lithium brine for the Centenario-Ratones lithium mining project in Salta, Argentina. This project will use a novel direct lithium extraction (DLE) process, developed by Eramet and enabled with SUEZ WTS technologies to extract, concentrate and purify lithium ore. The SUEZ WTS solution increases lithium production by more than 90% and speeds up the production process to just a few hours compared to conventional methods that rely on solar evaporation and produce a significantly lower yield with production time between 12 at 24 months. Once the project is commissioned, it is expected that 24,000 tons of lithium carbonate equivalent per year will be produced.

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