LifeVenture presents its new Catalog 2022


LifeVenture presents its new Catalog 2022

The LifeVenture brand has reduced the amount of packaging used, eliminating plastic wherever possible, using cardboard and bioplastics instead.

(25-3-2022). LifeVenture has presented its new Catalog 2022. The use of recycled materials in part in the manufacture of its products is presented as a great initiative of the brand thinking about a more sustainable future.

LifeVenture has included in its new 2022 Catalog sustainability also in packaging, especially the recycling of water bottles and nylon fabric, it is an important point in terms of the use of sustainable materials in this field.

The LifeVenture brand has been working hard to reduce the amount of packaging used, eliminating plastic wherever possible, using cardboard and bioplastics instead.


A summary of the items that can be found in this catalog:

Packable Bags backpacks are light and multifunctional, they fold into their own pockets when we don’t need them and we can transport them comfortably and with little volume. Perfect for when you need that extra storage or just a convenient backpack for your travels. With Waterproof Cases we keep maps and valuables safe from water damage, ideal for any activity, outdoors or on the water. Ultralight Dry Bags and Ultralight Compression Sacks keep our personal gear and essentials completely dry and airtight. As a novelty, new designs with different colors inspired by natural motifs are presented. The Recycled RFiD Wallets range of wallets and document holders are designed with travel in mind, to protect and organize our documentation and to enjoy the trip.

Made from recycled nylon, a fabric with environmental benefits but no loss in durability or style, and of course they’re all fully recyclable, and RFiD protected.

The catalog is completed with an extensive range of exceptionally useful items for travel, such as: multifunction plugs, international adapters, microfiber towels, umbrellas, padlocks, thermos flasks, special sheets,,,,

More information here about the new 2022 LifeVenture Catalog

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