Demonstrating Leadership Qualities at Work


This blog post is partly based on ideas derived from the book, The Leader who had no Title.  I would like to thank and attribute these ideas to Robin Sharma.

leadership at work
leadership at work

Leadership is not for decision-makers.  Leadership is not for people high up the ladder in an organization.  Leadership is for everyone.  Either a CEO or a Clerk can demonstrate leadership at work, by the way they deal with the work.  So how do you start demonstrating Leadership?

1.  A Leader Innovates

Innovation differentiates a Leader from others.  Creative ways of solving problems at work is the first step towards Leadership.  Never worry about your position or your title in the organization.  Start innovating at your own work and you are on the right path of Leadership.

2. A Leader Masters the Work

Be it Training other people or doing Web Design at Work, start mastering whatever you do.  Mastery comes from experience and it is a direct output of Consistent Innovation.  Be a Master of whatever you do.  Be an icon and be a role model for others, who do similar work. 

3. A Leader is Authentic

Walk the talk.  Never try to demonstrate that is non-existent with you.  Be Authentic and hone your skills to be a Master.  Genuinely help others on their Development.  Someone who isn’t authentic can never be a leader.

4. A Leader shows Guts

Whether it is about making a decision or planning for work, a Leader consistently shows Guts.  Don’t confuse Guts with uncalculated risks.  A Guts is characterized by Calculated Risk, taken with the utmost consideration and thorough knowledge of all possible Outcomes.  A Leader shows Guts even in matters that can impact others at Work.

5. A Leader is Ethical

Ethics is a basic attribute that everyone must possess.  There is a misconception that only Corporate or Professional Employees are bound by Ethics.  Ethics is for everyone – for Corporate Employees, for Self Employed, for Freelancers, for Shop Keepers and so on.  It is hard for a non-ethical person to be a Leader at whatever they do. 

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These are some essential qualities that can get you started on the Leadership path.  So what else you think can make anyone a Leader?  Share it with us and we will feature you in our Blog.

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