Keys to the cybersecurity of your company

Accounts, software, access, backup copies and employee training are just some of the issues when we talk about cybersecurity in business termsNoticing the dangers that exist around each of these issues will be of vital importance to act preventively or, at least, reduce the impact that an external attack can have

You don’t have to go through the many facts about insecurity in business environments to know that hackers are constantly on the prowl. Unfortunately, with the preponderance that digital environments have for companies, however small or large, It does not seem that this scenario is going to change, so it is better to know some of the keys to cybersecurity for the company.

We must be absolutely careful to prevent a gap that had gone unnoticed until a given moment from being taken advantage of by those who dedicate a good part of the day to finding these vulnerabilities.

It may seem impossible to encompass all the aspects that make up business cybersecurity. In fact, it would take us a long time to do it, but there are specific points where we necessarily have to stop. Our idea is to be able to focus on them so that you know them and always have them within your security strategy.

5 keys to the security of your company or business

Social media accounts and profiles

Nowadays, the presence in social networks is essential for any project that wants to have visibility on the Internet. Although indispensable as part of a basic marketing campaign, they can also be a problem.

This is because they are usually multiple team members who have access credentials that allow access to those accounts or profiles. And they are not always cautious and can share them by mistake.

Needless to say, you have to create a strong and different password for each of these services. But you’ll also need to make it very clear to your employees how sensitive network access information is.

Keep your software up to date

Absolutely all the software that you have installed on your company’s devices must be 100% updated. When a new stable version is available, you should download and install it in its first week.

This recommendation, which applies to programs dedicated to both security and management, has to do not only with improving software performance based on the new functions introduced, but also with their security, for so it is essential that you keep them updated.

Make backup copies

This advice is business but also personal, since you have to try to have recent backups of all the relevant elements, so that they can be recovered in case something external could compromise them.

The ideal, in pursuit of these cybersecurity keys for your company, is that these backups remain away from the servers where the material is located of it, so that they are not lost simultaneously. You can opt for backups in the cloud with restricted access, external disks or other options.

Monitor your online privacy

There are many occasions when security goes hand in hand with privacy. Because if someone else knows what you’re doing on your devices, they’ll be closer to getting enough information to get past your defenses.

Virtual private networks, or VPNs, are an interesting solution because They make it easy for us to browse anonymouslymoving around oblivious to the watchful eye of the systems that track our activity while we are online.

train workers

As your project progresses, you will have to delegate tasks. And that will mean that others will share certain positions of privilege with you, in which they have access data to accounts, software maintenance, etc.

A) Yes, everything that applies to you and that we have mentioned before, also involves the company’s employees. You have to be accompanied by them to any training course you participate in, teaching them why it is better to anticipate hackers. And how much is at stake if you don’t act fast.

What other key do you consider essential for the cybersecurity of a company?

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