Justice releases payment of R$ 25 billion in precatories; see if your name is on the list


The Federal Justice Council (CJF) released, this Monday (22), just over R$ 25 billion for payments of precatories. 196,019 people will benefit from a total of 115,392 cases.

The action already concluded is entitled to a precatory, with payment defined by the Justice and with arrears above 60 minimum wages. Payments of the exact BRL 25,054,751,345.74 will be processed by the Federal Regional Courts (TRFs).

Most of the amount will be made available to those who are entitled to receive precatories of a food nature, with R$ 20.1 billion. The rest — R$ 4.9 billion — will be for the common type.

Food court orders are those arising from wages, salaries, earnings, pensions and their complements, social security benefits and compensation for death or disability, based on civil liability, by virtue of a final court decision. On the other hand, precatories of a common nature are those that do not fit the definition of alimony.

Through a note, the CJF informed that it will be up to the TRFs, “according to their own schedules, to deposit the released financial resources with official financial institutions, such as Caixa Econômica Federal and Banco do Brasil.

“With regard to the day on which the accounts will be effectively released for withdrawal, this information must be sought in the precatories consultation available on the Portal of the responsible Federal Regional Court”, completed the CJF, in a note.

The amounts to be paid observe the limit established in constitutional amendments 113 and 114 of the PEC (Proposal for Amendment to the Constitution) of the Precatórios and are under the responsibility of the Federal Court.

The text of the PEC provides for an annual limit for the payment of precatories, with the “delayed amounts” corrected by the Selic, the economy’s basic interest rate.

Who is entitled to receive?

You will be entitled to receive the 2022 precatories, who had the arrears released by the Justice between July 2, 2020 and July 1, 2021. To find out if you are covered, you need to consult one of the five TRFs (regional courts) where the action is underway. (click on each court’s page link in the list below and see if you’ve been awarded)

In the consultation, it is usually necessary to inform the case number, the name of the lawyer (a) and other data that varies between the TRFs.

See, by region, how much will be paid:

TRF of the 1st Region (DF, MG, GO, TO, MT, BA, PI, MA, PA, AM, AC, RR, RO, AP)

General: BRL 10,807,404,755.87 (27,308 cases, with 42,877 beneficiaries)
Social Security/Welfare: BRL 2,615,670,770.90 (16,556 cases, with 22,191 beneficiaries)

TRF of the 2nd Region (RJ and ES)

General: BRL 2,731,119,268.69 (9,983 cases, with 16,176 beneficiaries)
Social Security/Welfare: BRL 1,015,451,967.34 (5,303 processes, with 8,846 beneficiaries)

TRF of the 3rd Region (SP and MS)

General: BRL 4,691,442,357.67 (31,752 cases, with 43,872 beneficiaries)
Social Security/Welfare: BRL 4,201,515,422.65 (28,024 cases, with 38,372 beneficiaries)

TRF of the 4th Region (RS, PR and SC)

General: BRL 3,428,599,862.89 (26,227 cases, with 42,305 beneficiaries)
Social Security/Welfare: BRL 2,801,448,589.40 (18,958 cases, with 29,352 beneficiaries)

TRF of the 5th Region (PE, CE, AL, SE, RN and PB)

General: BRL 3,396,185,100.62 (20,122 cases, with 50,789 beneficiaries)
Social Security/Welfare: BRL 517,472,890.98 (3,372 cases, with 5,838 beneficiaries)

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