JPG To PDF: Everything You Should Know About Converting JPG Files To PDF On PDFBear


You may have been trying out online tools that allow you to convert jpg files to pdf to no avail. Many online tools lack the reliability and accessibility that we all need in editing or converting any file into pdf. With this fact, a good alternative to use for our pdf editing and converting needs is PDFBear. This online tool is available for everyone to use and has a lot of editing and converting features.

Of course, we would want the online tool that we are using to deliver on the service that it promises. With the jpg to pdf converter in PDFBear, you will be able to convert files easily and accurately. Expect the conversion to result in a high-quality conversion, which is the standard in which PDFBear operates.

Anyone will be able to convert jpg files into pdf through PDFBear. As you read through this PDFBear article, you should know how streamlined the conversion process truly is. Here are some of the things users should know about before using the jpg to pdf converter.

Using The JPG To PDF Converter

It is only essential that you know how to convert JPG to PDF in PDFBear. You do not have to worry about the process being lengthy or confusing. The only requisite for a successful conversion is to go through a 4-step process in order to convert your jpg files into pdf.

All you need to do is to upload the JPG file that you want to turn into a pdf. Users will also be able to upload other image files like PNG, BMP, and even GIF. Afterward, choose the options available before you commence with the conversion. The conversion process should start after finishing these first two steps.

Now that you uploaded the jpg or any image file, all you have to do is to click “Convert!”. The jpg to pdf converter should work its magic by itself. All you have to do is to wait for the conversion to finish and then download the file on your PC, tablet, mobile phone, and other devices.

Multi-Image Uploads

PDFBear users will also be able to add additional images for conversion. So, anyone does not have to go through the entire conversion process one by one. The jpg to pdf conversion indeed finishes in a matter of seconds. However, it would be best if you use the converter to handle multiple image uploads and combine all of the image files into a single PDF.

Users will also be able to work with image files other than JPG. It should be a great combination knowing that you will be able to upload multiple images across multiple formats. Upload your JPG, PNG, TIFF files and combine them into one PDF without any hitch, issues or problems.

Is The JPG To PDF Converter Safe To Use?

Users using the jpg to pdf converter tool on PDFBear do not need to worry about anyone looking into their files or documents. The PDFBear website has a 128-Bit SSL Encryption that will secure your files to the greatest extent. Users will be able to finish their pdf conversions, knowing that their files will not go to the wrong hands.

The PDFBear server will automatically delete any image uploads and successful conversions after 60 minutes. This safety feature should protect your privacy and the integrity of the documents that you entrust to PDFBear.

PDFBear Pro

PDFBear users also have the option to pay the premium and subscribe to PDFBear Pro. Anyone willing to adhere to PDFBear Pro will be able to work with additional features that should make any editing or conversion process easier. With a monthly subscription of $14.99, PDFBear Pro users will be able to work with maximum file sizes per task, unlimited tasks, and more!  Users can also go for a yearly subscription of $99.99 to save more money on this online tool.


PDFBear Pro is one of the best online tools that anyone can use for pdf editing and conversion. The website offers a wide range of online tools that will surely be able to deliver. Expect all the end-product in each converter or pdf editor to be of the highest quality, too. Without a doubt, PDFBear ranks as one of the top online tools for the price-to-performance ratio.

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