Jordi Aránega and Rafael Perera, champions of Catalonia 2022 in senior sailing skate


(6-6-2022). Jordi Aranega, absolute runner-up of Spain this 2022, has today added the title of champion of Catalonia 2022 of first category sailing, while Rafael Perera today ratified his final victory in the second category already threaded yesterday.

Jordi Aranega has registered his name today for the first time in the list of winners of the 2022 Championship of Catalonia of the first category. It is the first time in history that a sailor from Club Maritim Cubelles has won it. This skater, whose beginnings were in the junior, adds this brand-new title to that of runner-up in Spain 2022, for the second consecutive year, won last April in Formentera.

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For his part, Rafael Perera, from the Barcelona Swimming Club, has become the 2022 Champion of Catalonia in the second category. It had been decades since a sailor from this entity won this title.

Between Aránega and Perera, it is striking that the two sailors have been the only ones in the championship who, after ruling out the worst result, have garnered a single-digit final score: 9 in the case of Aranega and 7 in Perera’s .


Today has been a day of ‘glory’ especially for two sailors: Jordi Aránega and Pau Delclos. Neither of them has dropped from the podium positions in the two races carried out. In the first, Jordi Aránega finished third in the first and closed the championship by winning the second round and taking a title that has been wonderful for him, especially because it has allowed him to get rid of the thorn in the runner-up position in Spain last April, which he believed could have won if the last round of that competition had been completed and that was canceled by the committee due to a forceful calm.

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Second, the young Pau Delclos (he is 17 years old and will turn 18 at the end of the year -on November 28-) has had a very inspired day. With his father’s ‘Bluemarin’, the Club Nautic Premià sailor has won both races with authority. The classmates who have managed to see the clew bar have highlighted that he “has been very fine and ran a lot, especially in the lengths.”

For Pau Delclos, both victories have been little known, however, when he has verified that the not so brilliant results of yesterday prevented him from getting on the podium.

Despite this, in his true first year as an exclusively senior skater, today’s victories show that he has ‘wood’ and that, most likely, soon, although perhaps not as quickly as he foretold, he is called to be a good first class sailor . Time to time, anyway, because he still has two other access doors to the queen category this year.


The Catalan championship of this 2022 has been one of the most closely fought editions. And it is that in first, the second classified (Peco Mulet); the third classified (Nina Esteba); and the fourth classified (Oriol Castellá) have tied on 15 points.

Peco Mulet, from Club Natacion Badalona and champion of Spain this 2022, has prevailed over his rivals thanks to the first of the first test and the second of the third heat, while Nina Esteba, from Club Nautic Tamariu, has beaten Castellá , from Club Vela Sant Antoni, thanks to the first of the second test.

FIRST CATEGORY PODIUM. The Catalan 2022 champion of first category senior sailing skate, Jordi Aránega, flanked by the Catalan runner-up, Peco Muet, and the third classified, Nina Esteba.

Also in second, except for the winner, the scores and, consequently, the second (Alex Depoorter), third (Ricard Plaza) and fourth (Gottfried Schuon) positions have been very tight.

Alex Depoorter, from Club de Vela Sant Antoni, has obtained 14 points but both Ricard Plaza, from Club Nautic Sitges, and Gottfried Schuon, from Club Natacio Badalona, ​​have tied on 15 points. Plaza has been imposed on Schuon thanks to having achieved two third parties, while Schuon has only achieved one.

PODIUM OF SECOND CATEGORY AND FIRST FROM 2023. Rafael Perera, Champion of Catalonia 2022 in second category senior sailing skate, flanked by the Runner-up, Alex Depoorter (on the left), and the third classified, Ricard Plaza (on the right). The three sailors have earned the pass to the first category that will take effect from January 1, 2023.


It is worth noting the title of second-class runner-up for Alex Depoorter who has sailed with his father’s sailboat, the Joost Depoorter sailboat. Said boat (of course made of wood) has been the oldest in the Championship of Catalonia. He wears the number 2,250 and is 31 years old, an age that means, as Alex Depoorter has commented, that “when my father bought it I was not even born” (the sailor from Sant Antoni is 25 years old). Remember that his father won with this skate, among others, the four Spanish champion titles that he treasures: 1992, 1994, 1997 and 1999. And Joost Depoorter continues to say that this boat is ‘for black’ despite having given a higher weight in 8 kilograms to the minimum regulated by the Adipav (90 kilos).

Depoorter Jr. has verified with his runner-up that he is his father’s son and that he has known how to take good note of his advice but, above all, of the multitude of regattas that he has seen for being the one who sets up the routes, and departures and arrivals at the Club Vela Sant Antoni, which is much more than the times he has gone out to haggle on a skate. This year he had barely done three motos before this championship.


After the succulent paella prepared by some fishermen from Arenys de Mar that the championship participants were able to taste, the prizes were awarded, chaired by the authorities of the Canet de Mar town hall, the Catalan Sailing Federation, the Club Mar y Vent Canet and the Adipav.

In his speech, the president of the Club Mar i Vent Canet, Rafel Farres, thanked the local council, the Catalan Sailing Federation, the Adipav, the companies sponsoring the championship, the members of the entity, those responsible for the bar service, and the regatta committee team led by Magalí Colomer.

Precisely about the latter, it should be noted that, despite the controversy of the first day, the first official of the championship, Magalí Colomer, has shown punctuality, agility, talent and sensitivity towards the sailors in her actions and decisions in the last two days. sea.

President Rafel Farres has also been applauded for his leadership in organizing this championship, “carried out by a small club but with a very rich human capital”, as the president of Adipav, Anna Pujol, has stated.

After the speeches, the awards were handed out in a ‘peculiar’ formal order.

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