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Change of conductors, maintenance work on the medium and low voltage network, along with replacement and maintenance of voltage regulators, acquiring new equipment for a total cost of $70 million, which also includes a change of layout of lines.

Futrono, Chile.- Within the framework of its constant approach and contact with the community, Cooperativa Eléctrica Socoepa held an important meeting between professionals from said company and various representatives and authorities of the community of Nontuelá, located near Futrono, in the Los Ríos region, instance in which a series of problems and actions aimed at improving the quality of electricity distribution service in the area were discussed.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Municipality of Futrono, through its Municipal Delegate in Nontuelá, Nancy Campos, the Association of the Elderly, Country Service professionals, community agents and residents of the sector, while on behalf of the Cooperativa Eléctrica Socoepa participated the Technical Chief Jaime Martínez and the electrical supervisor Felipe Sanhueza.

Among the main points discussed, the issue of power supply interruptions in the area was addressed, which have decreased as a result of the maintenance work carried out constantly by Socoepa, who are open to receiving requests for pruning and felling, the feasibility of which is verifies in the field to evaluate the different requirements.

In this sense, the Technical Chief of Cooperativa Eléctrica Socoepa Jaime Martínez explained that these supply cuts are mainly caused by theft of cables, branches and trees falling onto the power lines, for which some measures are already being taken. “We are working with the forestry companies and some private properties to expand the strips in complicated areas, in addition to installing guard cables to prevent branches or trees from falling onto the power lines. In addition, work is currently being done on replacing the copper-type conductor with aluminum cables, which allow greater amperage and capacity for simultaneous connections, and the theft of this type of material is also less attractive.”

Another of the points discussed at the meeting was to publicize Socoepa’s investment plans in the sector. “In addition to the change of conductors, a series of maintenance works for the medium and low voltage network in Nontuelá are scheduled in the short term. To this is added a replacement and maintenance of voltage regulators, acquiring for this new equipment for a total cost of $70 million, which also considers a change in line layout”, explains the Technical Chief of Cooperativa Eléctrica Socoepa.

The Municipal Delegate in Nontuelá, Nancy Campos, valued this meeting between the community and Grupo Socoepa, since it allows transparency of the company’s work in said sector, also making known the main problems that currently afflict this area. “We thank Socoepa for their warm welcome, especially when there is a problem, they always act quickly. The meeting was very important, we clarified all our doubts, so we leave calm and satisfied, hoping that everything will improve even more thanks to the investments that the company will make in the future”, concluded the representative.

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