Bubble Inventory 2013 – everything you want to know


Inventory tracking is an essential function that is carried out by the sector which offers physical products to its customers. The inventory manager records details about customers, stock of the company’s offered product creates sales order and invoice, and many other similar kinds of work that helps in the proper management of the sales department of the company.

The manual way of managing inventory has some limitations like making of separate record registers, problem in quick analysis of the stock and sales since data is recorded in scattered manner, repeated task of making invoice and sales order, etc. To try minimizing aforesaid limitations, our inventory management software named as Bubble Inventory is designed, which primarily focus on inventory process for Business-to-Business sales transactions.

Our inventory system comes with following dependant and independent features for the fulfillment of the stated need :

  • Maintain a list of customers to whom the company is selling their offered products.
  • Maintain a list of shippers via which your available product will reach to your customer.
  • Add the category and details of the products that you offered to your customer.
  • Generate sales orders for selling any of the offered products.
  • Generate and record the generated invoices for financial records.
  • Archive the generated sales order.
  • Create and maintain stock of the offered products.
  • View statistical and graphical reports concerning sales, stock, and customer orders.


Customer is an entity in our inventory system to whom company’s product will be sold and whose name sales order will be generated. Following can be linked with customer in Bubble Inventory :

  • Basic contact details of the customer is recorded and saved.
  • The editable list of customer can be viewed by the inventory manager.
  • Quick and detailed overview of the balance in terms of payment for a particular customer is shown by system.

Shipper is an individual or organization with whom your business has a tie-up for transportation of products. With our software, following is in the space for shipper :

  • Keep basic and relevant contact details about the all the shippers with whom your company is dealing with.
  • Get a list of all the partnered shipping companies or individuals when required.

Product is any physical entity or deliverable that your business offers to its customer, as sales. As the complete software revolves around this entity, there are following associated functions :

  • The inventory manager will make the readable product category to maintain the product records in organized manner.
  • Once done with making product category, each category can then be flood with number of products, mentioning the basic attributes like units, unit price, selling price, etc.
  • The list of created categories and product can be viewed.
  • The editing is also allowed for product category and details of the product.

Stock can be used as synonym for inventory. Thus the software takes special care of maintaining stock of the offered product that your business has for the customers. To maintain the transaction and status of the inventory, following functions are undertaken :

  • Make an entry for new stock in the system. With some functions, the status of inventory is updated automatically.
  • Check or view the status of current stock of products.
  • Get a wide report of inventory, with elaborated details about its issue, addition, etc.

Sales is an process of making a sale of offered product and keeping record of all its related aspects. With sale, there are some formalities which is to be followed. To quip your business with automatic handling of sales process, following is developed as part of sales process :

  • Create new sales order with automatic amount calculation which includes item price, tax and transport charges.
  • Keep the details of payment mode like cash, cheque or draft.
  • View all sales order and get an insight of the orders.
  • Update the order status by using values like pending, semi-dispatched, delivered and returned.
  • Generate printable copy of an invoice and get a archive for all the available invoices.

Report section of Bubble Inventory touches three reporting need of the business :

  • Get basic sales report for a selected month. This report also portrays the total income earned and total expenses incurred for that particular month.
  • Sales report with brief textual description and rich bar graph, for selected month and year.
  • Detailed textual description of the stock and its transactions, for a particular month and year.
  • And a good description about status of all the sales order for a month and year. This report shows the bar graph based on status of the customer order, i.e. how many are delivered, how many are pending, etc.

The option is provided to inventory manager so that the software can have a business specific inputs. The major feature which an inventory manager can input are :

  • Enter the address details of your own company so that the entered information can be printed on documents like sales order and invoices
  • The interface is provided where the inventory manager can input tax details that are applied to the products.
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