Intersport Spain stores grow 1.9% in the first quarter of 2022



From Intersport Spain they have highlighted that during the past 2021 most of the Strategic Plan corresponding to the period 2021-2023 was executed.

(13-4-2022). Moderate satisfaction in Intersport Spain whose stores have concluded the first quarter of this 2022 with a turnover of 57.5 million euros, 1.9% more than in the same period of last 2021. The establishments of the brand reached the past 2021 a joint turnover of 246 million euros.

The 246 million euros rotated by the Intersport Spain stores in 2021, as reported by the organization’s headquarters, represented 15% more than the 214 million euros invoiced in 2020.

However, that 2021 figure for the Intersport Spain stores as a whole was 14% below that of 2019, which was 287 million euros.


From the central they have highlighted that during the past 2021 most of the Strategic Plan corresponding to the period 2021-2023 was executed.

The main objective of its roadmap is, on the one hand, the execution of the so-called ‘common trunk’, which involves the digitization of the organization’s stores, the implementation of the omnichannel, multi-brand, multi-category strategy and the homogenization of its stores, that is, the same sign, the same POS computer system for all the stores and, on the other hand, the outsourcing of its logistics warehouse and the achievement of the company’s financial sustainability.


During 2021, a total of six new Intersport store openings were made. These were carried out by Intersport Quinze, in Tarragona; Intersport Elite in Mallorca; Intersport Sabina in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria; Intersport Moya, in Madrid; and, likewise, by the company Intersport Retail One, with two openings in Tenerife (Intersport Guimar) and in La Coruña (Intersport Riviera).

Likewise, Intersport Pérez Lumbreras carried out a reform in its store located in Tudela.

During the first quarter of this 2022, Intersport Spain has added two new licensees. On the one hand, Reolme, SL of the Young Retail Group, which opened a 600-square-meter store in the X-Madrid shopping center in Alcorcón (Madrid) last March, and, on the other hand, Intersport Intermorea Sport, SL has taken control of the store managed until now by Intersport Irabia in the Leclerc shopping center in Cordovilla (Pamplona). From Intersport Spain they announce that between May and June of this year this 2,310 square meter store will be renovated, following the organization’s 2.0 concept.


During this April, Intersport Spain announces that it will open two new stores. One of them will be promoted by the company Intersport Retail One, with an establishment of 600 square meters in Icod de los Vinos (Tenerife). The other store, promoted by Intersport Elite, which adds a new commercial of 300 square meters in Palma de Mallorca.

From Intersport Spain they conclude by pointing out that the organization will continue

promoting its reform plan to adapt its stores to the new concept of Retail Intersport 2.0. This concept incorporates the digitization of the point of sale and the omni-channel as its main axis.

The organization has more reforms planned for this first half of 2022, including that of Intersport Bouso in the Pontevella shopping center in Orense.

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