Intersport France grew by 23.6% in 2021 and a more offensive 2022 is proposed



Intersport France ended last year 2021 with a commercial network of 775 establishments among all its labels.

(29-3-2022). In 2021, Intersport posted strong growth in France. Its turnover went from 2.3 billion in 2020 to 2.76 billion in 2021.

With a total growth of 23.6% in 2021, in France, Intersport claims to be the leading provider of sports clothing and footwear in the French market, as well as the leading bicycle assembler in that country (half a million units in 2021) and, from its central, they affirm to have the intention to continue being it. Taking advantage of its momentum, the brand created in 1959, as the first European association of sporting goods retailers, has decided to undertake an offensive development this 2022.

Intersport France plans to expand its network of stores in 2022 and add another 75,000 square meters of sales area.


However, the past 2021 was already notoriously expansive and the brand gained 52,000 square meters in relation to the combined area of ​​​​its troops from the previous year. In this way, 11 conventional Intersport stores were opened, reaching 437; three new Montagne points of sale were added, reaching 259; 6 new outlets were opened, totaling 11 of this type; and up to 14 new points of sale were implemented under the Blackstore label, dedicated to sports fashion, and which currently has a network of 68 points of sale.

In total, Intersport France ended last year with a commercial network of 775 establishments among all its labels.

Intersport France points out that it has also accelerated its digital transformation by injecting 120 million euros and that it has developed a loyalty program that has led it to account for up to 9.1 million customers.


According to a statement from the president of Intersport France and Belgium, Jacky Rihouet, “with a strong acceleration in our physical model, a complete recast of our loyalty program, we are in line with our strategic plan and have recovered from the delay suffered as a result of the Covid crisis.

As Rihouet added, “in 2022 we intend to establish ourselves as the closest sports operator to the French”. The president of Intersport in France and Belgium explained that “we will develop this objective through an increasingly strong network of stores throughout the territory, as well as with great work directed towards the omnichannel customer and, of course, through a strategy of supply more and more in tune with the expectations of the consumers».

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