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The call presents 6 challenges, where the winners will be able to receive free mentoring, pilot their project and/or generate their Minimum Viable Product. Applications will be open until March 22.

Antofagasta, Chile.- From the Corfo Antofagasta Committee and the Innovation Club, they announced the new challenges of the third call for Antofa Innova. The latter is an open innovation tournament, which seeks to connect innovative projects from all over Chile, with leading companies from the Antofagasta region, promoting the productive development of the area.

This edition -which has already recognized 11 projects in its two previous versions- now presented 6 new challenges, led by companies linked to the mining, energy and logistics areas.

One of the participating companies is Codelco, an entity that presented two challenges through which it seeks to reduce the emissions of particulate matter, generated by the transport of mining trucks, with a first application in an open pit mine, belonging to the North District of Codelco and a second application, for the new underground mine of the Chuquicamata Division.

In the challenge of the open pit mine, the projects must take into account the operational characteristics and the extremely arid climate where the deposits are located, with significant difficulties regarding the control of fugitive emissions of particulate matter. Solutions are expected that reduce dust by an average of 95%, and that, in turn, require little or no water consumption. (see challenge open pit mine)

Meanwhile, in the underground mine challenge, the solutions must consider low water consumption, since it is desired to avoid having excess moisture in the ore, in the boulders and in the roads, so as not to affect the subsequent stages. of ore processing or its transportation. (see challenge subterranean mine)

Transversely, both challenges respond to Codelco’s commitment to sustainability “in the control and abatement of Particulate Matter (PM), or dust, as one of the relevant challenges that it has to continue to take charge of, with increasing emphasis and commitment. , incorporating innovation and initiatives that allow for improvements in its efficiency”, they expressed from the corporation.

The winners will be part of a free mentoring process, where the key aspects of the project are polished, determining its scope, and whether they can opt for a second phase of creating a Minimum Viable Product (MPV) or piloting. The projects that successfully complete their piloting will have the opportunity to be implemented and continue collaborating as suppliers with the client company.

The call also presented 4 other challenges related to energy, logistics and mining.

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