Influencer with 450,000 followers opens his first gym


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Sara Baceiredo opens a boutique center in Vitoria

It will open next May 23

on May 17, 2022 at 2:59 pm

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Mine Box marks the debut of the instagramer Sara Baceiredo in the world of fitness

(17-5-2022) The ‘influencer’ Sara Baceiredo will open next Monday, May 23, a boutique gym in her hometown, Vitoria. With nearly 450,000 followers on Instagram, the ‘instagramer’ bets on a unique 45-minute training model.

From conquering Instagram to making the leap to the world of face-to-face fitness. The influencer Sara Baceiredo, a 23-year-old from Vitoria who brings together nearly 450,000 followers on this social network, opens her first boutique gym in Vitoria next Monday.

The center, Mine Box, will be located in the central Plaza Santa Bárbara, next to El Corte Inglés. It will offer personal training classes for fit-boxing, functional training and 45-minute personal training, as well as nutrition. The classes are focused “on toning and maximum calorie burning,” according to the center on its website.

Baceiredo, who lives in Madrid, has become one of the leading influencers and content creators in Spanish fashion. In 2019, she founded her own fashion company, It’s Lava, focused on accessories.

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