Industry sees improvement in production and employment in August; fourth consecutive month of high, says CNI


Production and employment grew in August in the industry, pointing to the fourth consecutive month of high, showed today the Industrial Survey, from the National Confederation of Industry (CNI).

According to the entity, the increase was also accompanied by a greater acceleration in the pace of growth compared to July 2022.

The production evolution index registered 54.5 points in August, above the average for the months of August, which is 52.7 points – this indicates an improvement in the pace of production. A result above the 50-point dividing line means that production has increased from the previous month.

The behavior of employment in August also rose, contrary to what usually occurs in this period, when there is a drop in hiring. This index reached 52.2 points, according to the Survey.

Installed Capacity Utilization (UCI) also increased by 2 percentage points between July and August 2022, to 73%. In addition to being the highest value observed in 2022, it is the highest value for a month of August since 2013, when the UCI reached 74%.

“Entrepreneurs are noticing, in general, the improvement in the conditions of their businesses and increasingly that their optimistic expectations are coming true. They perceive an evolution in demand and this has been reflected in production and employment for a few months”, commented Marcelo Azevedo, manager of Economic Analysis at CNI


The investment intention index also advanced in August 2022, reaching 59 points, the highest value between the months of September since the beginning of the series. The result represents an increase of 2.1 points compared to the previous month.

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