5 Steps to increase YouTube views organically in 2020


There is no need to tell the social media users about the growth because you must have been seeing the exponential increase in the number of users coming on to the platform. However, YouTube has been named as the second most used social media platform with 1.5 billion users to date. The main user base is comprised of teens and youngsters. Moreover, elders are also spending a lot of time on YouTube. With this colossal increase in the number of users and watch time, it’s easy to say that YouTube has become the new TV. 

However, if you want to have a reputable channel on this new TV, you need to ensure an increased number of views on the videos. Moreover, these views need to be organic as it helps in gaining a better rank in the search results. If you are concerned about similar things, we have managed to develop five steps that help users increase the number of YouTube videos organically and gain a higher ran. So, have a look!

How Does The Ranking Happen?

If you want to gain insights about the ranking approach implemented by YouTube to rank the videos, there are multiple things that count. Following of them are included in the rank-development such as;

  • Video quality
  • Channel keywords
  • Video watch time
  • View count
  • User experience metrics
  • Thumbnails

Moreover, audience retention plays an essential role in video ranking which is basically about the time the user spent on watching a particular video. If the watch time is higher, YouTube perceives it to be a good quality video and it is ranked higher.  Pay for Youtube Subscribers ,If you want to increase engagement in the videos, try to make tutorials, comedy, and how-to videos as they are the most famous niches on YouTube these days. 

Five Steps To Increase The Number of YouTube Views Organically 

So, now we are coming to the main point of increasing the number of views. If you want to optimize the viewer base and number of views, implement the below-mentioned steps and you will be at the top!

01. Keyword Research 

Keyword research
Keyword research

YouTube is the subsidiary of Google and everyone knows the power of the right keywords on Google. The impact of keywords is pretty similar on YouTube as well. In other words, YouTube has an algorithm that helps to increase the visibility of the video if relevant keywords are used in the content. Keywords are basically the words or approach people use to find the relevant content as yours. 

So, it is better to conduct in-depth keyword research as it helps to see what users like to see. The best way is to use the auto-suggest feature of YouTube because it tells the terms people use to search for something. Through these insights and comments, you will be able to make a good title for yourself and your video. In addition to the auto-suggest, you can use Google Keyword Planner and KeywordTool.io. 

02. Optimize Before & After Videos

When you are finding ways to increase the number of organic views for the YouTube video, optimization plays an essential role. However, one needs to optimize the video before and after uploading the video. When you are trying to optimize before uploading, you should work on creating engaging and high-quality content and the editing needs to be top-notch as well. Moreover, use the primary keyword during the upload process. 

On the other hand, once you have uploaded the video, you need to keep in mind the following things for optimization;

  • You need to create a natural title with keywords
  • Keep the title length no more than 70 characters
  • Always use the high volume keywords
  • Make sure to choose an engaging thumbnail 
  • Always add the tags to videos but make sure they are relevant 

03. Add Bio

When you are making a channel, make sure it has a complete profile such as cover photo, profile photo, about section, and the description. Also, make sure you add the keyword meta tags as well as website links along with the social media handle links. 

04. Upload Regularly

Upload video
Upload video

It is better to have a schedule while uploading the content because too many videos at one time will affect the viewer count. So, make a plan that comprises of regular video uploading and stick to it. 

05. Engage The Viewers

If you want to ensure that viewers are engaged with your content, you need to give them high-quality content. Moreover, ask them to like, share, and comment on the videos in addition to a request for subscribing to the channel.

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