Increase the security of WhatsApp in Windows with this change


Surely many of you have been using the instant messaging application for years, WhatsApp, from your mobile devices. But at the same time we can use the official UWP client for Windows if we normally work with a desktop PC.

In fact, there is a new version that is much faster and adapted to the current needs of the messaging application, which was launched just a few days ago. Thanks to its new internal design, we can say that this Windows application works much more effectively and smoothly. In addition, it will not be necessary for us to synchronize it with the phone every time we run it on our desktop computer.

To all this we can add various functions that have been included and modes of use that try to improve the day-to-day experience with the program. As you can imagine, all this allows us to keep the application open at all times on our PC to receive messages and interact with our contacts. In addition, here the design of the app has been taken care of to a great extent so that it is more comfortable and attractive in its use.

But as it happens in most of the software solutions that we use today, we should not only focus on the appearance and functionality. A section of extreme importance in most of the programs we use is everything related to security. In fact, next, we are going to talk about a parameter that is deactivated by default in the WhatsApp application for Windows that you should put into operation. At the same time, it is related to this aspect that we are commenting on, security when chat with all our contacts.

Activate this WhatsApp security feature

Many users use this instant messaging service to communicate with their friends and family. Others use it for more professional purposes and to talk to their co-workers or clients, for example. But be that as it may, in most cases we do not want those chat conversations that we use to be filtered under any circumstances.

This is something that could happen at certain times if we do not take certain measures or do not take advantage of the platform security features. Precisely for all this, below we are going to talk about a feature that is deactivated by default for improve security of our WhatsApp application on Windows. Specifically, we are going to activate a function that will allow us to receive certain notifications. These appear in the event that the security measures in the terminals of our contacts change.

In this way we can ensure that our conversations with certain contacts that we have added are as secure and private enough. To do this, the first thing we do is open the WhatsApp app on our Windows-based computer. Once we have accessed our account, we click on the button that is represented by three horizontal dots and we opt for the option of Setting.

On the left side of the new window that appears on the screen we find various sections. All of them will allow us to customize and configure the program based on our needs. The one that interests us in this particular case is the call Security. Here we are going to find the function that we are interested in activating at this moment and that says Show security notifications on this computer, so we have no choice but to activate it.

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