Increase in thefts makes Nissan incorporate anti-cloning systems in its vehicles – Awdhesh







In addition, the Japanese company will install a satellite tracking system with GPS, which allows remote tracking of cars.

Santiago de Chile.- The Japanese brand developed an anti-cloning protector with the aim of solving the problem of vehicle theft.

This system consists of a metal shield that blocks entry to the port of entry (OBD-II), preventing an unauthorized copy of the key from being generated. Additionally, this device has two coded pins that have 100 different configurations; making cloning difficult and the possibility of theft.

Likewise, from now on all the brand’s new vehicles will have GPS satellite tracking, which will be installed free of charge to the customer, which will allow tracking in case of theft and being recovered in conjunction with Carabineros de Chile.

“In Nissan Chile we are facing the increase in thefts that affects the country and to provide additional security to our customers we are installing anti-cloning devices, together with a satellite tracking system that allows the recovery of our cars,” said Diego Vignati , president of Nissan Chile and Peru.

The anti-cloning protector will not only be installed in new vehicles, but the company will also contact all customers who already have a Nissan purchased some time ago, equipped with a smart key, to go to the official dealers of the brand and can install this device.

On the other hand, insurance companies will continue to insure Nissan models, since the brand has taken new measures in this regard, in order to protect users against theft of their cars. “We are aware of these events that have affected customers. BCI Seguros will continue to support and trust Nissan and its products, with the safety standards that they have been implementing”, said Mario Gazitúa Swett, General Manager of BCI Seguros.

On the other hand, Felipe Feres, General Manager of HDI Seguros, added “We are working together with Nissan on measures to mitigate vehicle theft due to unauthorized copying of keys and thus continue to provide insurance protection to the brand’s customers.”

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