In Haiti 471 among dead, wounded and missing due to clashes between gangs


The United Nations has communicated a new, dramatic toll of clashes between criminal gangs in the capital of Haiti, Port au Prince.

It is of 471 victims – between dead, wounded e missing – the tragic outcome of the clashes that have devastated the capital of Haiti, Port au Princeand in particular the neighborhood of the City Sun. Groups of gang criminali they faced each other in a war for the control of the territory and illicit businesses, between 8 and 17 July. A first estimate of the victims had indicated 89 dead and a few dozen missing, but then the data was updated by United Nationswhich on 25 July released a new budget.

Sexual violence and children recruited by gangs in Haiti

The UN communiqué traces the dramatic outlines of the 10 days that paralyzed the city. There is talk of “serious episodes” and “sexual violence on women and girls “. But also of “children recruited from the bands “. All in what is the poorest metropolitan area of ​​Port au Prince, from which three thousand people were forced to flee: among them also “hundreds of unaccompanied minors”.

Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry © Anna Moneymaker / Getty Images

Humanitarian agencies are hard at work trying to bring assistance to the most vulnerable people, but the United Nations stresses that “access to health careand remains limited or non-existent. Numerous facilities have been closed or are unreachable since medical staff. The food and thewater”.

The United Nations calls for a humanitarian corridor in Port au Prince

Because of this Ulrika Richardsoncoordinator of UN operations in Haiti, has launched an appeal to all parties in the conflict, to “put an end to the violence and undertake to keep open a humanitarian corridor to the Cité Soleil, in order to allow sending aid and care for civilians in difficulty “.

However, the situation remains very complex, since institutions are in hiding. The police it does not have enough men to oppose the gangs and, not surprisingly, in recent months the latter have also attacked some seats of institutions, as in the case of the Courthouse and the port administration. From the Prime Minister Ariel Henrymoreover, a pronouncement on the escalation of violence in Haiti is still awaited.

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