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With the use of knowledge from the automotive industry and hand in hand with artificial intelligence, companies such as Emasa and Graymatics are advancing in innovative proposals for electromobility.

Santiago de Chile.- The need to move towards sustainable development has been growing over the years, in order to improve the quality of life of the population and curb in a certain way the effects produced by greenhouse gases. And now is when artificial intelligence also joins as a relevant actor in the process of change.

With the Update of the National Electromobility Strategy and the entry into force of the Energy Efficiency Law, this has been gaining strength. This is reflected in the National Electromobility Strategy, which has a roadmap with the purpose of accelerating the implementation of electric transport through 4 axes; Sustainable means of transportation and financing, cargo infrastructure and regulation, research and human capital, and finally Dissemination, information and articulation.

Currently, more than 2,750 electric vehicles circulate in Chile, more than 310 public chargers are installed and since 2018, 7,750 people have been trained in electromobility, but an exponential growth of these numbers is projected, reaching in 2035 the sale of vehicles that only be 100% electric, eliminating from the market those that use fuel.

Companies like Emasa have begun to develop innovations in electromobility issues, and that is why during 2021 they set up three workshops along with a portfolio of equipment and tools for servicing electric vehicles. They also incorporated an electric truck for logistics and an educational mesh and technical training.

“Our main reason is to enable and develop the sustainable mobility of the future, generating synergy with the industry and in line with the national electromobility strategy. For this, we are developing an emblematic project, the Emasa Mobility Hub, the first Mobility Hub in Latin America that will open its doors in the first half of 2022”, said Rodrigo Salcedo, corporate leader of electromobility at Emasa.

“In addition, we are developing an electromobility strategy through an ambidexterity process, focusing on the pillars that will enable and support electromobility, such as training, infrastructure for e-mobility, equipment, technology for fleets, among others” added the executive.

Along the same lines, international players appear, such as Graymatics, a leading Singaporean company in artificial intelligence that allows, through its software installed in security cameras, to analyze the queues generated at charging stations, in order to better distribute waiting times. and improve the user experience.

“With the data we obtain, we can detect whether or not customers return to the same place to charge, in addition to knowing how often they use the service, thus allowing us to determine how many new stations should be installed in each sector,” said Jeremy Yap, Graymatics business manager for Latin America.

In addition, the Singapore executive added that “we can also support security with our analytics that allow us to detect any potential threat, possible theft and suspicious activities around these charging stations, giving customers a greater sense of security.”

It is estimated that the growth of the electric vehicle fleet will continue to grow strongly in the coming years, where by 2035 only 100% electric vehicles will be sold in three out of four segments in Chile. In addition, it is expected that there will be one million vehicles with this new technology and more than 600,000 people who must be trained, consolidating our country in the electromobility industry.

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