What can you do to improve a printer’s performance?


Whether you are printing any legal documents, memories of your trip or your resume for an outstanding job interview, you always desired for the best quality printing. The higher and expensive models are not only responsible for high-quality print outs, but the printer settings also need to be done in a proper way to get the desired printing quality.

Sometimes a user spends a lot of money purchasing an expensive and highest-ranking printer. But they didn’t get the desired quality. It doesn’t mean that the printer is not working correctly, or the printer is of lousy quality. Each printer has different settings options to improve its performance.

In this case, you will probably be stuck in a long conversation with the customer service provider to know the tricks to improve the performance, or you will complain about the lousy quality print outs.

Therefore, here we are going to help you to improve the quality of print outs from your home printer without engaging you in a long and tedious conversation. So without taking so much time lets’ step forward to discuss the easy tricks to improve the printer performance.

Why didn’t you get the high-quality prints?

Before knowing the tricks to improve quality, it is better to understand why your printer is not printing as per your desired class. Most of the time users think to save the ink. And for this, many printers come with default settings in this order. In this case, the user didn’t get the desired quality when they first used the device.
In this case, you need to update the settings of your printer after a new purchase. So now let’s discuss how you can update the settings.

Where can you find the settings to improve printer performance?

There are generally two ways to update the settings of your printer. The first way is for getting a single document in high quality. You can use this method to print a single document or photo in high quality. The further print outs quality will remain the same as per the default settings.

The other way is to change the default settings so that you can get all the print outs in high quality without changing the settings again and again. These both methods are helpful as per user’s requirement. So let’s have a look at the whole process.

High-quality printing settings for single a single print

This method can work for both windows and mac users to update the settings for the document that you are currently printing. You have to follow the starting process as similar as usual printing.

 Open the document or photo that you want to print in high quality.
 Click on the file menu and hit the print option.
 A dialogue box will pop-up on screen instantly.
 After that, you have to click on the print properties or preferences to update the settings.
 Here you can find the option to change the page settings, paper type, page size or printing quality etc. Update all the settings as per your requirement.
 After set up, you have to click on apply to save the changes and then hit the print button to get your desired quality printing.

High-quality settings for all print outs

The method is for changing the default settings as after changing the settings, all the documents will print according to changes. Now, go through the overall process.

 Click on the start menu or press the window key.
 Select the device and printers option there.
 Here you can find the default installed printer icon.
 Right-click on the printer icon to change the settings.
 Choose printing preferences or properties from the result list.
 A dialogue box will appear that allows changing the3 printer settings as per your requirement
 After changing the settings, click on Apply to save changes and your printer is ready for printing in high quality.

If you want to get back the previous settings, then it is also effortless as it can be done by just clicking on the default settings in the printer properties menu.

What do you have to change to get high-quality print outs?

It is effortless to change the settings of the printer, but it is a challenge to know what kind of setting you have to update. It needs knowledge about what it means for high-quality printing. Let’s go over some of the significant features that affect your printing quality.

 Print quality:
As per its name reflects, it handles the quality of printing. If you go for high-quality printing, then the speed of the publication will reduce.
• Go for the maximum DPI of your printer to get high-resolution printing.
• Use 300 DPI for general printing.
• 600 DPI will look excellent with graphics.
• Use 1200 DPI if you are going to send a document to another company or going for an important interview.
• 1440 DPI will be used for a high professional level or photographic printing level.

 Paper type:
Here you can change the settings as per your paper type. As an example, if you are using photo paper to print an image, then it is necessary to tell your printer about paper type to get the desired quality of your photo print outs.

 Colour:
It is not only about black and white print outs. The grayscale feature can improve the quality of black and white print outs as it used a mixed variety of colours to produce high quality black and white print outs.

 Colour management:

The colour management feature will help you to get accurate colour printing. If you are going to print any colour document from Adobe Photoshop, you can go for this setting as it can provide the right colour printing to design as possible.

 Always use original file:
Most of the time, people used a screenshot of the image when sending the document by email. The screenshot never printed in the high quality. So always use the original file to get high-quality printing.

Choose the best ink or toner for printing!

The printing quality also depends on the toner or ink of the printer. The inkjet printer uses traditional ink to print the documents, and the laser printer uses dry ink called toner. Inkjet printers are suitable to get high-quality colour printing.

Ultimate verdict for printing quality:

Yes, now you can quickly increase the quality of your printer through the above-given methods. Here, we have a lot of ideas that can be used. But, those we have mentioned above are the top-recommended once in the market. There is no need to worry about the quality of the printer when you are using it. One can get the most HD-quality print-outs with the help of these printers. Check-out the above and let us know which one is meant for you. If you have any further queries, then let us know for the same. The printer is a basic need for people nowadays and hence using it efficiently is another add-on for the customers. Use them appropriately to print the best layouts and images.

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