What is the importance of sharing your story online?


Life is filled with merry and sorrows. Happy and sad incidents are what complete life. Everybody will face their ups and down at some point in their life. Though it is quite hard to live the situation, it will make you stronger. It will give you lessons that you can cuddle for the rest of your life. It can help you look at life from a different yet more meaningful perspective. It can teach you the art of facing problems in life with a smiling face and make you more courageous.

Why not share these critical pieces of information with others. Won’t they get inspired from your story? Won’t they be able to relate them with you? Won’t it help the world understand that having a problem is not what matters rather how you overcome it? Won’t it give the reader’s an insight that everybody has their falls and strengthens them to face the struggles of life? Won’t that give readers a feeling of normalcy when they confront an issue that affects their life and backs them away from tough decisions like suicide?

Immense is what sharing your story to the public can do. However, many do not fancy to put out the dark period of their life to the public. They fear the possibility of being judged. They hate to be open to the public about the times when you felt vulnerable. However, they would love to showcase it before the audience, so that it can serve as a lesson, inspiration, and motivation to others. It is for them that the anonymous blog platforms work best.

Setting up an anonymous blog profile is easy and requires only sometimes. The happiness that one gets when they find that their stories are read and appreciated extensively can bring utmost joy to their hearts. So, create your anonymous blog today to share your tale online.

Sharing your story online is quite beneficial in many respects. Some of these listed and detailed in the following excerpts.

It can help others

Story writing

If ever you are the one feeling that you were not able to help people appropriately, sharing your story online is one of the ways that you can change that guilty feeling with fewer pains. You might be wondering how your stories can help others. Your tales might have enough power to heal other people and give them a sense of relief.

Some people live up in the despair that they are onto one problem after another. They get easily carried off by the mindblowing photos and videos that the celebrities and their friends post online. This leads them to believe that everyone has a happy life except them. They fail to realize the fact that these people only publicize things that they choose to show the public. They might probably be living a life with more chaos and problems yet struggle hard to make everything look right.

It is in this background that you bring out the dark side of your life. How soothing and relieving it would be to these people that life brings along with it some problems too. Your story of survival can inspire them and make them feel confident enough to shake hands with the struggles of life and cope up with it.

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