How to use Spotify web player

We cannot deny that music is something we need, even once a day; whether to work, clean our home or spend a pleasant time with our loved ones. Be that as it may, on several occasions we are going to want use the Spotify web player to listen to the best music via streaming, without having to download any application, this is totally feasible.

Use the Spotify web player

The most direct way to access the Spotify web player is through this web address. Regardless of the browser we use, be it Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari, the player will work without any problem.

Technically speaking, the Spotify web player should be usable on some Android browsers. In the case of Safari on iPhone and iPad, it should work too. Although we must consider that the player will not be the same as the application on mobile devices, so it may not be as reliable.

Using the Spotify player from a web browser is pretty much the same as using the desktop app. We will be able to find music and podcasts from the Search option found in the left sidebar.

Create a Playlist.

It is also feasible to create a playlist from the integrated option in the same bar, a little further below the Search option.

Add songs to playlist.

From this place, we can find a song, click on the three points to “Edit details” and we will open the menu to add it to the playlist.

Spotify Recommended.

In the section Made for you, we can find countless recommendations and playlists created from the most listened to songs or divided by genres. This is found in the search menu.

How to unlock it in some countries

Unfortunately, some countries have certain restrictions, which, fortunately, are relatively easy to overcome. The best way to unblock the web player in case it is blocked by geo-restriction is to use a VPN.

A virtual private network or VPN allows us to connect to a server with a different location, to change the IP address and make it appear that we are browsing from that location and not from where we are. This is useful because it allows us to bypass any kind of restriction and, in this case, enjoy Spotify as normal.

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