How to share a game on Nintendo Switch?


The Nintendo Switch console, both in its original version and in the OLED version, allows you to share a game between different users, as long as both use the same profile, main or secondaryBeyond not being able to launch the same title on two different consoles at the same time, it is a very interesting solution for those who do not want to spend so much money to acquire games

Although it is true that choosing a machine is not easy at all, and that after buying it you have to get hold of the different video games that you want to play, each of these devices has little tricks to save money. Thus, if you want to make the most of the potential of your console and the investment in titles, we have good news for you. If you keep reading, you will learn how to share a game on Nintendo Switch and have double the fun with them..

Indeed, one of the problems we have with current consoles is that entertainment is subject to the games we have available, and that means that every month you have to spend money on new titles. But when it comes to the Nintendo Switch, there is the possibility of sharing a game with our friends.

What is game sharing on Nintendo Switch?

Game sharing is a process that allows a single digital copy of a game to be used on different consoles at the same time. We could say that it is the same as sharing a physical copy of a game, something that is especially useful for those families with several consoles, or groups of friends who do not want to pay for the same.

The interesting thing about the case is that all digital purchases of Switch are linked to a Nintendo account, so it will only depend on what use that profile on both machines to be able to access the title on both.

Otherwise, when sharing games, each device is registered as a console, either primary or secondary. While the primary has full online and offline access to all titles linked to the eShop account, we see that the secondary needs an internet connection to access those games.

Another interesting detail is that you cannot play the same game at the same time on both consoles if you share. With these clarifications made, the process to share a game on Nintendo Switch is not complicated at all.

All about sharing games on Switch

Well, if you want to share some of the best Nintendo Switch titles, this won’t take more than a minute.

How to share a Nintendo Switch game step by step? Just follow this procedure:

Start your Nintendo Switch console with the games installed as usual On the home screen, go to Nintendo eShop by clicking on the store button Select the account where the games you want to share with another are located Click on the player icon in the top right, and go to Primary ConsoleSelect Unregister, to make this Switch the secondary deviceOn the second console, go to System Settings, Add User, to make it primaryDownload the title you want to share with this console, and it will be installed in both

From then on, it’s as easy as making one console the secondary and another the primary with that trick. When you are not going to have access to the Internet, you should make that machine the first, of course.

The pros and cons of game sharing on Nintendo Switch

As we said before, the best thing about the process that we have just described is that we will save a lot of money. Generally these games are worth about 60 dollars, so you can go taking accounts. Possibly one costs less in its digital version, but it’s still worth taking advantage of.

On the other hand, we did not want to leave out some warnings that we consider essential for you to analyze. First of all, secondary consoles for a game will always need an Internet connection. This is because Nintendo goes through an online verification process to make sure you own it.

We also warned that both consoles cannot play the same game at the same time, unless you have a second Nintendo Switch online subscription, and you’re trying to play online. As long as you try it within local multiplayer it will be impossible because that shuts down the Switch’s modem.

And now that you know how to share these games, check out the best Switch OLED titles.

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