How to port your number to Mint Mobile


Mint Mobile is a prepaid operator that works under the T-Mobile network and offers a series of multi-month plans that allow us to save money. If we are thinking of testing the service, is there a simple way to carry our number a Mint Mobile and not lose it in the process; something great especially for those people who have kept the same phone number for years.

Port a phone number to Mint Mobile

Before we begin, we must clarify that it is very important that the phone number that we want to transfer has to remain active in our previous provider during the process. In the event that we cancel the previous service before moving to Mint, the number may not be recoverable; at least, without having to go through a more complex process.

We’re going to need a Mint Mobile SIM card and compatible device to get started. Mint Mobile works on any of the Android devices from the last few years thanks to the compatibility of the T-Mobile network.

In case you have a newer Pixel or iPhone, we can also activate it with an eSIM. During checkout, we will choose eSIM as the delivery option and we will receive the activation information after completing the purchase.

We will need to gather information from our current carrier: account number, PIN or password, zip code, and billing address associated with the account. We will find the account number at the top of the documents. If we are unsure about any information, we recommend calling your current provider’s customer service line.

Another option is to activate the service through the Mint Mobile app. We will have to enter the activation code. This 11-digit ACT code can be found on the SIM card, on the back.

We will click on “Start”, during activation, we will choose the option “Transfer my number” when prompted; We will enter the account number, PIN or password, and zip code or billing address associated with the previous provider.

And that would be it, once we are done, we will be able to create a Mint Mobile account to keep track of our plan; the transfer process will take a few days and it will be changed automatically. This depends on several factors such as the previous operator, so it could take up to 48 hours. In the meantime, you can continue to use the SIM from your old provider.

Generally, it is not necessary to wait more than a few minutes to obtain our number. But sometimes this can take longer than expected.

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