How to Make Use of Social Media for Keyword Research?


Nowadays, social media is one of the greatest of all addictions to the youth. Therefore, they are one of the finest platforms to target audiences by understanding them more deeply. It means that you will find more information than ever to enhance your keyword research, and created more significant content. To understand the audience at the depth, below mentioned are some of the social media platforms that you can use for your keyword research.

Ad targeting options of Facebook:

Most of the people out there put so much information on Facebook; the targeting data becomes very much specific. Doing keyword research through Facebook is helpful, because, even if you are sure about your targets, you can still find new people for your company, to serve. The information in the Facebook contains several minute information like location, the field of interests, age, gender, hobbies, education, languages and even workplaces. You can dig up the demographics more to find your out your consumer’s behaviour.

Search for more details on Twitter:

The trending contents on Twitter are generally newsworthy. The marketers can check out the related conversations to the topics. This will allow the marketer to find out the details interest of their audiences. Moreover, you can make use of the same language that your searchers make use of. Using hashtags can be very useful. If you are not so much active on Twitter, try using the media monitoring tools to understand the conversations of the audiences. Understand the questions and use them to make SEO strategies.

Instagram hashtags:

Putting a hashtag in Instagram is never out of trend. Moreover, it lets you follow the hashtags you like to use. The industries of the creative and the local markets are using Instagram for the lead-driver. Then, choose the popular posts to analyze them and gather knowledge from them to know the interests of the audience more. Though Instagram provides a shortlist of hashtags that you can include in your research, if still, you want to explore more, tools are available to help you out.

Pinterest contents:

Pinterest can help you with lots of good data as it is a social platform that consists of recreational contents. A lot of useful business stuff is available over there. Especially, the B2B marketers claim to get a lot of information about marketing strategies, tactics, media, product, launches and many more. Make a long-tail search to get more specific results that your audiences are searching for. Pinterest not only offers you to search for particular phrases, but it comes up with suggestions which will help in keyword research optimization.

Influencers on LinkedIn:

Find out what the influencers of popular persons of your company or industry are posting on LinkedIn, and look at the criticisms, comments and reactions they are receiving. These comments can prove to be a great source of research to know your audiences’ searches. Analyze the topics to bring out the most from them and use it as a weapon to strategize.


So, in a nutshell, we can say that social media platforms may be of no direct help, but, they can be used to learn more about the target customers, by looking at the contents they post, whom they are interacting with. After analyzing all these, you can promote significant information on social media. Try to gather as much knowledge as possible without a perfect strategy or time; all the research might be of no help.

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