How to make sticks in Minecraft


Tools and armor are a fundamental part of Minecraft, after all, without them we couldn’t do anything. It is possible to obtain a material that is very important to be able to manufacture them in a considerably simple way: the sticks and we’ll see it how to do this object in Minecraft a little lower.

Sticks in Minecraft

Sticks in Minecraft are one of the materials that we will almost always need in Minecraft. They are used to craft a large number of tools: axe, hoe, pickaxe, sword, fishing pole, arrows, torches, fences, and much more. There are two ways to get sticks: mining or making them, which is the easiest.

We can get sticks by breaking leaves from trees, although the chances of a stick falling are quite low. Actually, it is much easier to make them, since we are going to need a large quantity.

It is possible to create many things in this game, it has more possibilities than most people imagine. From creating a glass bottle, to poison potions, to books of enchantment, anything is possible in this amazing sandbox.

How to create them

In order to make sticks, we are going to need wood. In this case any kind of wood will be useful. All types of wood produce the same amount and the same color.

We look for any tree. We start hitting it, it is not necessary to use a tool, although if we use an ax it will be faster. Once the block is broken, we pick up the fallen wooden block. We open the inventory and we will see a crafting grid of 2×2. We will have to put the wooden block in any cell.

We collect four wooden planks. Now we are going to put one wooden plank in the middle cell and the other plank in the top or bottom cell. Next, we are just going to collect the four sticks.

Create sticks in Minecraft.

A single block of wood is capable of producing up to 8 sticks in total. It’s also possible to craft a bamboo stick, but it’s a bit trickier to find. If we have two bamboo sticks, we can position them in the same way to get a stick.

Other ways to get sticks are when you are fishing or if a witch drops them, even in chests in temples and caves. But definitely the way to get a huge amount is to manufacture it and as you can see, it is not complicated at all.

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