How to install a heat sink on the SSD of your PS5?


A heatsink can be a must-have accessory for your console’s SSD if you tend to push it too hard, requiring it to run today’s most demanding gamesCarrying out the installation of the heat sink on PS5 is not too complicated, even less if you have placed the SSD before. Anyway, knowing the steps always helps

If you have reached this article, it is because you have probably already gone to the trouble of installing an SSD to your PS5. There are not a few users who consider this to be the best possible solution to make the most of all the potential of the recent Sony machine. As well, If you tend to push your game console to the max, you should probably learn how to install a heatsink on your PlayStation 5’s SSD..

The truth is that if you have already carried out this procedure, surely installing a heat sink on the SSD of your PS5 will seem like a piece of cake, but since it may have been carried out by a third party, or that you suffer some difficulties, we are going to teach you what are the steps you have to follow in this type of circumstance.

Something you have to keep in mind, especially if you have not yet bought the heatsink and are thinking of doing so, is that You should check if it is a double or single-sided heat sink, because although the former are more powerful, they will require you to remove the SSD. The second, less powerful, are easy to install.

Place a heatsink on the PS5 SSD step by step

Ok, now that you have the heatsink, then we will know all the details of this procedure:

Take the back corner of the cover of your PS5 and remove it by force, feeling the classic «click»Next, do the same with the front left corner, pulling up until you hear another clickTo finish removing the cover, you must lift it while slide towards the base of the PS5Already with the cover removed, you have to make sure that the fan and the metal cover are facing youTake a Phillips screwdriver, and remove the retaining screw located on the metal panelRemove the metal panel and unscrew the screw that holds the SSD Leaving the previous elements aside, the metal spacer must be inserted into one of the cutouts, so you must check the size of your SSD, combining it accordingly, and fixing everything in its placeTo replace the cover of your PS5, you must carefully align the tabs and slide it up from the base towards the fan while pushing down until it clicks into its space. hey

In short, adding a single-sided heatsink like the Sabrent model is as simple as placing it where the SSD cover normally is, but for a double one you must keep the record steady with tape.

Because heat sinks are meant to disperse heat, they usually have a simple design. Sometimes they can be a single piece of metal with a strip of silicone gel in the middle. All you need to do to connect one is place it over the drive and screw it into place, following some tutorial on YouTube.

PS5 SSD Heatsink 3


Although it can be a bit intimidating to open your PS5 for the first time, you can be sure that it is worth it.. The built-in SSD only has around 667GB of usable storage, and with some games reaching almost 100GB, that leaves little room. So if you don’t want to keep deleting and re-downloading games, a new SSD is the way to go. But you must make sure that it is 100% compatible.

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