How to get someone’s attention on Facebook?


Although not many know it, Facebook has a feature called Poke, which reminds many of the old and beloved buzzes of MSN Messenger, and which serves to attract the attention of a userThese virtual notifications, which alert us to our presence, cannot be applied to all contacts indiscriminately, so it is better to know what their limits are and how to use them

The most famous social network in the world, the first big one, has a function to poke, poke or push others. This action, which is originally called Poke in English, reminds several of the old buzzes of MSN Messenger, a system to warn another person that we are there, that we need them and that we are waiting for them. Having said that,how it is possible to get someone’s attention on Facebook thanks to this feature?

Well, before getting fully into this tutorial, we didn’t want to stop emphasizing that you can poke or poke practically any of your friends list contacts, taking advantage of this kind of virtual notification to make them notice that you’re there, through an alert that will indicate that they have been stung or punctured, so that they respond to it either by giving you that push back, or by doing what they are supposed to do.

An important detail that you should know about it is that you will only be able to bite or prick three contacts from your list of friends, so it is better that you select them with great care, to avoid wasting the pushes. Facebook has made that determination to prevent the feature from becoming SPAM.

How to use the Poke feature on Facebook?

On the desktop version of Facebook

Itches to sting or prick someone, the easiest way to do this is from the desktop version of Facebook. Regardless of whether you’re on a Windows, macOS, Linux, or Chromebook.

Open your favorite browser, and go to the Facebook Pokes or Pokes page, at this link There you will see the complete list of people you can poke or poke, or you can search for someoneOnce you have found the person you want to prick or prick, you must click on the Give a touch button Facebook will send a notification to that user, indicating that you have prickled or pricked him

Alternatively, at the top of that page you will see the people who have given you a Touch. TYou will have the possibility to Return the touchpressing just on the button that says that.

On the mobile version of Facebook

On the other hand, you have the option to give a Touch to your friends on iOS, be it iPad or iPhone, as well as on Android, using the official Facebook application for mobile devices. It’s also not much more complicated.

Open the Facebook app on your smartphoneIn the upper right corner, go to the Search iconIn Search, type Touches and press enter, to go to that sectionOnce in this section, you will see the contacts available to give you a TouchTo get their attention, only you have to click on the Give a touch button, and you will be notified

Just like in the desktop version, if someone has poke you before, you can poke you back.

Lastly, keep in mind that if someone annoys you in this way, you can block users on Facebook.

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