How to get gems in Clash Royale


One of the most precious things in Clash Royale are gems, these can help you progress through the game in a very significant way.Obviously, they can be purchased with real money. However, there are several free methods to get gems in Clash Royale.

get gems on clash royale it is something that all of us who enjoy this game constantly desire. Unfortunately, there is no easy (free) way to get them; Much less tricks or fraudulent websites, these free online gem generation pages are a danger and we do not recommend them for any reason in the world.

How to get gems in Clash Royale

Obviously, there are several ways to get gems in Clash Rolaye. Most of the methods that we will present to you a little further down will be free and direct. However, some are going to require a bit of effort on our part. As always, the fastest way to get gems is by paying, though we’re going to try to avoid this for now.

playing for the first time

Each player who creates a new account, you will receive for the first and only time 100 free gems. The only problem is that we cannot transfer the gems to the main account, so it will only work once per player.

Checking the store daily

Every once in a while, in the store we will be able to get free gems. However, we may have to wait around a week to get them again.

In this sense, we recommend checking the store daily, on many occasions they are giving away gems.

Playing the trophy route

It is possible to win trophies by winning battles, trophies will end up giving gems. These are earned from your opponent’s trophy count and how much you win or lose is going to depend on your opponent’s trophy count compared to yours. In case our opponent has more than us, we will lose fewer trophies.

Trophy route.

Following this simple idea, we can continue to face other players for trophies. It all starts with the race on Trophy Road. The more trophies we manage to obtain, the better the rewards we will receive. If we can earn a sufficient amount of trophies, we will be able to get gems when we reach specific benchmarks.

For example, if we win 900 trophies we can take 50 gems. The next reward is also 50 gems, although this can be claimed after 2900 trophies. When we reach five thousand, we will be able to get more gems as repeatable rewards.

Opening crown chests

In the crown chests we can get up to four gems. These are earned by playing and facing other players. Although we can only open a single daily chest.

Something that we must consider is that we will need 10 crowns to be able to block one of these chests and we will have to collect all 10 in 24 hours. Otherwise, we will not be able to open the chest.

Challenges from special events or global tournaments

These events can occur at any time and are temporary. Although as a reward we can get a good amount of gems. So it’s a matter of being so much and playing day by day.

duplicate magic items

We can also earn some Magic Items a certain number of times. If we have some more, we can turn them into gems.

An example of this is the Card Book. All players can have one book of each rarity in their inventory. If we get another one, we will see a warning from the game; accepting this warning will turn the book into 100 gems.

When there are four card book rarities, they will become 100 gems each. This also happens with magic coins. There is only one type of magic coin, but we can only have one at a time. A duplicate will give us 100 gems.

Playing clan wars

Clan wars can give a lot of rewards. We’re going to get them as we rack up victories. All clan wars last up to five weeks.

If we participate a lot and actively during the clan war and it reaches the finish line, we will earn a lot of rewards. Even if we don’t make it to the top, we’re going to win a lot of cool things. The only problem is that we will not be able to get gems for participating in Clan Waruntil the war in question is over.

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