How to fix wrong time on Android?


In these times, we have seen how smartwatches have been replacing many other devices that used to accompany us in the past. As curious as it may seem, some of us have even dispensed with the clocks, considering that the phone will always tell us the correct time … right? Well, if you don’t know why, but your mobile shows a time that is not where you are, the better learn how to fix the wrong time on Android. As we said, what happens is that the time of these teams is essential when we simply want to take a look at it to obtain that information, when to schedule emails, or when we want to schedule an important meeting. Walking with the wrong time is an unforgivable mistake. You must avoid it. Fortunately, if you notice that your Android mobile shows a time that does not coincide with the real time of the place where you are, there are some possible exits that should solve this problem. And solve them in just seconds. Before starting, we must make some important clarifications, such as that this tutorial is developed on Android 12, although you will be able to replicate it without problems on Android 11. On the other hand, Samsung users could experience some problems to change time zones, and should look answer according to your model.

So you can correct the wrong time on Android

Set the time on Android manually

By default, all Android phones take the date indicated by the mobile or WiFi network to which they connect. This usually works well, although under certain circumstances problems can arise. If you think that is what is happening, you can repair it in seconds, with this step by step: Open the Settings of your Android Scroll down, and enter System Press on Date and time Press the button Set time automatically, to deactivate this option Press on Time, and set the correct time, accepting the change That is the most direct trick for all those people who like to adjust the time on their phones manually, thus skipping the possible setbacks that could arise. Of course, you have to have a very good memory because, for example when summer time arrives, you will have to adjust the time again, and that could cause you to forget the odd one, especially during the first hours. Therefore, We consider that the best option in these cases is to always keep the automatic schedule information., even when in the first instance it had been wrong.

Set the time on Android automatically

Surely sometime, when you notice that your computer did not work as it should, you will have turned it off and on again, hoping that miraculously things will be solved. Well, here we are going to do the same: Open the Settings of your Android Scroll down, and enter System Press on Date and time Press the button Set time automatically, to deactivate this option Then, press the Set time automatically, to activate it again. new As we said in the previous paragraph, what we are doing is disable and enable automatic time detection, since conspicuously on more than one occasion, that’s enough to end the failures.

Be careful with the time zone

Those who travel constantly or live near an area in which a time change is determined, could suffer errors in the automatic calibration of your time more often than others. If you think that the error comes from there, something that you will detect because the difference between the displayed time and the real one usually results in a whole hour, and not just minutes, what you have to do is the following: Open the Settings of your AndroidVe down, and go to System Press on Date and time Go to Set time zone automatically Select a preferred time zone Of course, it goes without saying that, when you travel, you can change the time zone again If you don’t notice that the phone makes the change by itself, which is normal. It is a quick and effective answer to that problem.

A smartwatch can be a great ally

It is also true that, at this point, there are many who, even having put aside the clocks of all their lives, they have opened the doors to smartwatches. You can join that trend to further control the time. In fact, this is just one of the functions of smart watches for which it is worth buying a model. Those with GPS, for example, will allow you to do without your mobile in your workouts away from home. Share it with your friends!

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