How to find filters for your Instagram stories and save them


The Instagram filters section allows you to add effects to photos and videos, to give them a different touch, surprising your followers or best friends, with an aspect never seen beforeWithin the Gallery of social network story effects, you can move between the categories, or try to specifically find a filter from the Search Bar, and add it to the storiesIn addition, you get previews of the effects, which will prevent you from downloading them in vain

In the early days, Instagram did not allow users to upload stories, an already essential content of the service. But little by little, when these appeared, the developers of the platform understood that the public liked them, and decided to improve all aspects of the function. That’s why, beyond those that are included by default in the app, we can search for new filters for Instagram stories and save them.

These effects for ephemeral photos and videos that you upload on the social network give your content a very particular look, so those who are dedicated precisely to creating them, usually require several unique filters.

Now, it is not necessary to stop only at those that are available in the first instance, but there are hundreds of thousands of filters created by people. Which you can explore and store in your account.

In this way, it does not matter if you are building a brand image, or if you just want to have fun with new filters, different from the ones you had saved up to that moment. You just have to search for them and add them to the profile in seconds.

Find new filters for Instagram stories step by step

Searching for filters for Instagram stories is not a complicated process at all, at least not once you get used to doing it. For this first time, we are going to guide you, offering you a complete step by step.

To find Instagram filters, you have to enter the stories section, by sliding to the left on the main Instagram screen, or by pressing the “+” sign, followed by Story, at the top of the panel.

search filters instagram stories 3

Once the Stories section has been opened, you have to swipe left on the circular menu bar that appears at the bottom of the screen, until you reach Browse effects, with a magnifying glass.

By clicking on Browse effects, you will enter the Effects Gallery, which allows you to choose some popular filters, explore the available categories, or click on the new magnifying glass, to search for specific effects by words.

You will see that Within the Gallery there is a huge variety of filters and effects. You can try them out and, thanks to the previews, you will know if any of them are attractive enough to add to your own galleryor not.

And how to save and download an Instagram filter to your Instagram camera?

When trying an effect and feeling satisfied with it, you have the possibility to download it, to apply it to your stories. You just have to click on the Download icon, located at the bottom right of the screen. Automatically click on it, that effect will be saved, so you can continue exploring.

From then on, when you want the effect to be applied to one of your stories, in the stories menu you must scroll to the left side. The last downloaded filters will appear at the end of the tour.

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