How to factory reset a Windows 11 PC


To the factory reset a Windows 11 PC we can solve a large number of problems quickly and effectively. It is also something fundamental that we must carry out in case we want to sell the computer.

Windows 11 offers us the possibility to keep or completely delete all personal files. Although in either case it will remove all applications and settings from the device.

We must bear in mind that, before starting, it would not be a bad idea to make a backup copy of our files, just in case. We recommend cloud storage to be more sure that we will have our files in a safe place.

Factory reset a Windows 11 PC

The first thing we will have to do is open the Settings application on our computer. This is very easy to achieve, we will have to press the Windows + i keys at the same time. Once in Settings, we go to the left sidebar and select “System”.


Here we will have to click on “Recovery”.

Factory reset Windows 11

Once we are in the Recovery menu, we will have to go to where it says Reset this PC and click on “Reset PC”.

Format type.

Next, we will see a window with two options:

Keep my files: This option will delete applications and settings, but will keep personal files. Delete everything: It will basically delete absolutely everything from the system and leave Windows as it was when we first used it, ideal when we are thinking of selling the computer or giving it away.

We will see a screen that will say How would you like reinstall windows? We can reinstall it from the cloud, with the latest updates included. We also have the option of local installation. The ideal is to choose the latter and then install the updates little by little.

We will follow the instructions that appear on the screen so that it finishes by restarting the computer, the installation process of the operating system will begin where we will not have to do much more.

Once the computer restarts completely, we can start configuring it from scratch. This could solve a lot of problems that we can have on the PC and keep our files as well.

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