Guide on How To Disable Bixby On Samsung Devices


Since years already, Samsung consumers have depended on Bixby to monitor their smartphone’s advanced capabilities.

Nonetheless, occasionally Bixby may get irritating either on intent or by chance. At least once has occurred to any Samsung customer by accidentally tapping the Bixby key or activating the robotic assistant.

Of course, you continue to question if there’s a solution to deactivate Bixby on your Samsung device. Bixby is just a virtual platform with keys and speech prompts. It was initially launched back in 2017 on the Samsung Galaxy S8 collection. But, that doesn’t say they can’t have outdated Samsung devices.

There’s also a chance to sideload Bixby on outdated devices that operate on Android Nougat. Samsung consumers had to depend on S Voice, the speech recognition-assistant software of the company, before Bixby.

Deactivating Bixby

Occasionally, even though you do not activate it, Bixby shows up at odd moments. The main move you need to do is take a look at the type of scenario. Bixby depends solely on your sound to awaken. It utilizes the detection of your voice to recognize your music and react to your directions.

Yet the understanding of Bixby’s speech isn’t as smooth as some. This feature reacts to other sounds even occasionally.

So if your music or video mentions things that sound like “Bixby,” the virtual assistant will be enabled to do it. Users may have attempted to remove all data about their application and to remove their cache.

Although this will help initially, you’ll eventually discover it won’t prevent Bixby from randomly popping out.  You may be resorting to extreme measures and attempting to disable Bixby.

Disable While Using Phone Speakers

To deactivate Bixby when running on speakers from your Samsung phone, click the designated Bixby key on your Samsung smartphone to activate Bixby. Select the button in the top-left corner of the toolbar. Press the gear logo on the panel to enable Bixby’s options. From the list, pick “Wake-up sound.” 

From there, switch the option given there. You may also try to enhance voice control for Bixby by heading into a similar configuration and selecting “Improve voice wake-up accuracy.”

It will enable Bixby to capture your sound once more to adjust whenever it should or should not reply. You may also determine from a similar configuration whether to allow Bixby to decrypt your device when you call the wizard.

Disable While Phone Is Locked

Sometimes, even though the device is protected, Bixby will go off. Some consider this feature beneficial, as it helps them to execute orders also while bound to their hands.

For instance, if you intend to attach Bixby to the Bluetooth of your vehicle and stream a playlist while you’re traveling, this functionality could be useful.

Others, though, found the functionality distracting and disturbing. If you’re one of the above, don’t worry.

You can remove Bixby from activating when your device is locked. Enable Bixby by tapping your Samsung device’s designated Bixby key, then selecting the start menu in the top-left corner.

Select the gear symbol on the screen to activate the configuration in Bixby. Select the setting, and toggle it off.

Disable  The Bixby Voice Feature

You’ve now restricted the Bixby key options, but calling up Bixby still operates with your voice activation. Fortunately, you may also remove Bixby’s voice, which implies that when you speak, “Hello, Bixby,” the robotic assistant won’t wake up.

Enable Bixby by tapping the designated Bixby key on your Samsung smartphone, then selecting the start menu in the top-left corner. Click the gear logo on the screen to launch Bixby configurations. Press “Voice wake-up” and switch to “Wake up with ‘Hello, Bixby.'”


Bixby is a reasonably convenient functionality for smartphones running Samsung. It can execute a variety of operations and actions which will make your work significantly better. Some users do consider it annoying or frustrating, though, notably when Bixby continues appearing out from nowhere.

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