How to create shapes in OneNote using the Ink to Shape feature?


Ink to Shape is just one of the best functions that OneNote makes available to us, so you shouldn’t miss out on taking advantage of it if you want your notes on this Microsoft platform to shine moreFortunately, learning how to use this tool is quite simple, and all we have to do is incorporate some basic procedures to give each document the necessary touch-ups.

OneNote, the application for digital notes from Microsoft, is one of the best annotation tools that we can use on a daily basis, whenever we want to keep those key issues available, remembering them. We also have customization possibilities. Without going any further, today we teach you how to create shapes in OneNote using the Ink to Shape feature, taking full advantage of the note service’s potential.

Surely you know, first of all, that the OneNote Draw tab offers you a huge number of interesting actions to carry out, such as drawing properly, sketching, or writing notes with your fingers. You can also write notes with the pen or mouse if you prefer, and even use templates in your notes.

But what really interests us this time is that you can choose different ways to give the note. You can add inks to it, turn ink into math, ink into shape, or covert ink into shape..

How to create shapes in OneNote using the Ink to Shape feature

You can create shapes in OneNote using the Ink to Shape feature with the following procedure:

Launch OneNote as you normally do Click the Draw tab Click the Ink to Shape button Choose one of the pens from the Gallery Draw a rough shape in the box It will immediately turn into a perfect shape

You don’t need more than that, and you will get your drawings to take perfect shapes almost without delay.

How to add a favorite pen to OneNote?

If you want to add a favorite pen to OneNote, that’s another feature available to you in this app. You can add any particular pen you want to the Favorites section in the GallerySo:

Click the Color and Weight button, and select a color or thickness Click OK to approve that selection Now, that color or thickness of pen will be added to the Favorites section in the Pen Gallery

Why can’t I apply Ink to Shape in OneNote?

The Ink to Shape feature allows users to convert ink to shape, and Ink to Text converts ink to text. Basically the reason that the ink on text is grayed out in OneNote is that the ink text is not selected. To do it correctly, you have to follow the steps that we indicate below.

Click on the Draw tab and select a pencilWrite any textSelect the textThe Ink to Text button will now be enabledClick on the Ink to text buttonThe ink will be converted to text automatically

We hope these tutorials have helped you play a little more with your OneNote notes.

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