How to create and use a ZIP file


Create and use a ZIP file It is something extremely useful that will help us save a lot of time and be better organized when sharing a large number of files. Is about compressed files which, in turn, contain more files.

This gives us the ability to send a large number of files at once, in one. The person who receives it, will be able to unzip this file and find everything that we send him, it is possible to compress 10, 20, 50, 100 or thousands of files in one.

In the following guide we will see in detail how to create them on both Windows and Mac and as you will see below, the process is too easy to carry out.

How to create and use a ZIP file in Windows

On our desktop, we will right-click on a blank space and in this menu we will choose New > Compressed (zipped) folder.

File created.

Here we are going to have to add the name to the ZIP file.

How to create and use a ZIP

Next, we are going to have to drag and drop the files or folders that we want to add the zip file into the blank area. What can we add? Basically everything: images, videos, music, text documents in Word, PDF, etc.

In this simple way the ZIP file is ready to be sent.

Create a ZIP archive on Mac


We will have to right click or hold down the Control key while we click on a file or folder that we want to compress. In this new menu we will have to choose “Compress”.

Create ZIP on Mac.

We will see that a new ZIP file appears in the location of the original folder with a .zip extension

How to send a ZIP file by email

Sending a ZIP file is done the same way you would attach a folder to an email, for example.

Attach file.

The only thing we will have to do is create a new email as we would normally do. But at the bottom of the window we will have an option called “Attach files”, it is usually an icon in the form of a clip.

Find ZIP in Windows.

When we click on this icon, a new window will open and we will have to select the ZIP file.

So we can use a ZIP file.

If we look at the bottom of the window, we can see the file added to the email.

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