How to create and edit a Google Form


In those moments where one meeting would be too much and multiple emails would be too disorganized; create a google form that we can Editif necessary, is an ideal option.

Google Forms allows us to create surveys to collect all responses in an organized way in one place. It is even possible to embed the forms in an email.

Create a Google Form

There are several ways to create a Google Form: from the Forms website, Google Drive, or through Sheets in Sheets.

From the Google Forms website

We will have to enter the Google Forms website, log in with our account and click on a blank form with a “+” sign in the middle. We can also choose one of the available templates.

From Google Drive

From Google Drive.

We go to the Drive site and sign in if necessary. In the upper menu of the right corner, we will click on “New” and then go to the “Google Forms” section.

In Google Sheets

In Google Sheets.

We visit the Sheets website and log in if necessary. We open the spreadsheet we want and we are going to look for the “Insert” option at the top and choose “Form”.

How to edit a google form

After creating a Google form, we may need to edit some options, this is very easy. It is possible to add questions, make changes, add images, videos, titles, sections or change general settings.

Add or edit questions

Edit a Google Form.

In the form we are going to click on the question that we want to edit to open the editing options. In case we want to add a question, we will click on the plus sign “+” that is on the right side of the form.

Add videos or images

Add images.

We will have to click on the section where we want to add the media and click on the image icon found in the menu on the right.

Add videos.

In the case of videos, we click on the corresponding icon.

Titles and sections

Add titles.

If we want to add a title we will have to click on the title button “Tt” to the right of the form.

Add a section.

In the event that our intention is to add a section, we will choose Add section in the right sidebar.

change settings

You can change the settings from the top of the form to fully customize it. Here we will see several interesting options that we have in this section.

Collect the email information of those who complete the form. We can choose whether to automatically send a copy of the form to the respondents. Offer the possibility to edit the answers after submitting them. Add a progress bar. Change the confirmation message.

Once we click Submit in the top right corner of the form, we will have the ability to add other settings:

Emails.Subject line.Message.Form in the email (we can send a link or include it within the email)

In addition to creating surveys with Google Forms, we also have the possibility to create a survey. As we can see, the web service is quite adaptable to practically any kind of situation.

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