How to create a new Gmail account


One of the first ways to communicate and that is still valid today are emails; even today we use them for an infinity of things. That’s why it’s so important to know how to create a new gmail accountbest of all, is that it is a considerably easy process, on a computer or from a mobile device.

Create a new Gmail account from your computer

The first thing we will have to do is go to the Gmail website. Once we are here, we will proceed to click on “Create an account”. in the profile image at the top right, then we will choose “Add an account” and click on “Create account”. We will have to complete the form with the required information, ideally it should be real information, this will help us to recover the password in case we forget it, for example. We will select next.

Next, we are going to enter the phone number. This is used to confirm that we are a real person and not a bot. Google will send an SMS message to our device to verify it. We press “Next” and when we receive the SMS code on our device, we enter it. Then we will click on the Verify button to confirm our number. Alternatively, we can receive a call instead of an SMS, it’s the same.

Security check.

Now we will have to enter the information requested. We will have to add the date of birth and gender (we can not specify this); We can also remove the email number or add a recovery email. To finish, we will click “Next” and accept the terms and conditions of use, ideally read them before continuing. Once we have them clear, we click on “Accept”.

From a mobile device

We start the Gmail application. We are going to choose “Create account”. If we already have a session started, we will have to click on the profile icon at the top right and select “Add another account”. We will choose Google for the type of account. It directs us to a new screen. Here we are going to choose “Create account” and select “For me”. We will enter the requested data and click on “Next”.

Create Account.

Now we will have to enter the date of birth and gender; We can choose not to specify the latter and click on “Next”. On this screen we will have to choose the email name that we are going to use. We click on “Next” again and we will have to specify a password; then we hit “Next” again.

Create new Gmail account.

We are going to see the option to add a phone number, we will have to click on “Yes, I accept” or on “Skip”.

The last thing we will have to do is accept some terms and conditions of use; To finish, we select the “OK” button and open finished.

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