How to Convert a Photo to a Drawing [Fácil, Rápido y Gratis]


Not everyone is good at drawing, but that’s not why you have to deprive yourself of turn your photo into drawing. If pencils or brushes aren’t your thing, but you know that you have to draw a drawing from that photo (for your profile picture, for a gift, or whatever you want), you’re in the right place.

I am going to tell you how to convert a photo into a drawing of many types, pencil, comic, minimalist, painting, online, with an app, etc.


Convert photo to drawing online

We already know that with Photoshop we can do everything, so converting a photo into a drawing is sure to work too. But… what about those who don’t have Photoshop or don’t know how to use it? Luckily there are other options, some of them online.

editors for convert a photo to drawing online we have, for example, these:

photo effects

In addition to not having to download anything, it is very easy to use, one click and you have the result.

The drawback is that it is very, very basic and the interface is not very clean or aesthetic.

Portraitoriginal image
portrait converted to drawing with PhotoeffectsResult of converting photo to drawing online with Photoeffects


It is very quick and easy.

The resolution of the final drawing is very low, it is only recommended for photos that are going to be seen in a very small size.

landscape photoOriginal
Landscape photo converted to drawing with PhotokakoLandscape converted with Photokako

It offers many drawing options, pencil and color.

It is quite slow and leaves a watermark.

tiger photoOriginal
Tiger in drawing with online programPhoto converted with

How to turn a photo into a cartoon

If you want your face to turn into a cartoon, I have two great options for you.

Editor Voilà Al Artist

With this application you can turn a photo into a cartoon, even if you want to look like a Disney drawing you can get it super easy with this app available for iOS / Android. You have several drawing options, you can also edit the final drawing (brightness, contrast, etc.) or put the background you want.

It is free and there is also a paid pro option. The only thing is that it is only for portraits, it has to detect faces, so a landscape, for example, cannot be converted into a drawing. Don’t expect high resolution or a drawing without a watermark without going through the checkout.

Original Photo Mario PerezOriginal
Portrait converted to cartoon with Voilà Al Artist Editor app3D villain effect
Portrait converted to cartoon with Voilà Al Artist Editor app3D Royalty Effect
Portrait converted to cartoon with Voilà Al Artist Editor appCartoon 3D Effect
Portrait converted to cartoon with Voilà Al Artist Editor appFunny 3D Effect

The truth is that it is a very fun editor, because in addition to these cartoons you also have other filter options that, with one click, can turn your face from a prehistoric character to a Hollywood star, passing through a fun cartoon.

toon me

This other app (iOS/Android) also allows turn your photo into a cartoon. It is somewhat slower than the previous one but it offers different styles, less Disney, more like Simpsons, comics and the like.

You can also convert it to GIF or add text or effects, among others. Some effects are applicable to photos with two or more people. The drawback is that in the free version you have to be patient with the publicity. But app developers have to eat something, right?

Here are some examples:

cartoon effect with Toonme app
cartoon effect with Toonme app
portrait turned cartoon with Toonme app
cartoon effect with Toonme app
portrait converted to cartoon with Toonme app

Convert your photo to line drawing

To convert your photo into line drawing you have the online option of Linify. Turn your photo, of any kind, into a line drawing. In color or black and white. You upload your photo, select if you want color or gray scale, if you want more or less lines, and press DRAW to do the conversion.

Here an example:

Original architecture photoOriginal
Convert photo to line drawing with linifyline drawing in color
Photo converted to gray line drawing with linifygrayscale line drawing

Convert photo to minimalist drawing

A minimalist drawing is a simplified drawing, where less is more, so you have to look for programs that make vectorized drawings or similar. For example, with the following application effects photo lab (iOS / Android).

Portrait photo converted to minimalist drawing with PhotolabVectoriously Yours Effect
Photo converted to minimalist drawing with PhotolabLost & Arted Effect
Photo passed to minimalist drawing with PhotolabMy Honey Vector Effect

For iOS there is the VectorQ application that is very complete and with many options to edit each effect, the inconvenience is that to download it you have to go to the checkout. Now, you can try it all you want without paying.

Convert photo to pencil drawing

For convert photo to pencil drawing you can do this using the Graphite app for iOS or Pencil Sketch for Android.

original photo san vicente de la barqueraOriginal
landscape photo converted to line drawingPhoto converted to drawing with Graphite app (iOS)

Or also online with Photofania.

original photo
Photo converted to drawing with PhotoFunia

The best app to convert photo to drawing

In addition to the applications or online programs that I have mentioned above, there are many other options, I am going to leave you a varied list and you choose which one is, for you, the best app to turn your photo into drawingdepending on the type of photo or the result you want to obtain:

5. Comic (Android)

Another app that turn photo into comic drawing but this time for Android.

Here some examples:

Examples of drawings with Comica

6. Instagram toon (iOS)

With this app you can convert your photo to Super Toon, painting, pencil drawing or comic, among others.

These are some examples of what you can achieve with this app:

examples drawings with Insta toon app

How to convert photo into Photoshop drawing

I have offered you a lot of alternatives to Photoshop, but that is not why we should leave it aside, as there will be many users who will surely prefer this tool, taking advantage of the fact that you already have it.

So let’s see how to turn a photo into a drawing using Photoshop. Keep in mind that the smoother the background the better, if you need help, read the article how to put a white background on a photo.

Open the chosen image to pencil in Photoshop. Once the photo you want to turn into a drawing is open, duplicate the layer using (Ctrl+J/ Command+J). With the copy of the original layer selected follow the path Image > Adjustments > Desaturate or (Shift+Ctrl+U/Shift+Command+U). The image will become black and white.

Step 1 duplicate layer
desaturate to convert photo into drawing with Photoshop
result of desaturating photo to convert to drawing

Create a new layer. Make a copy of the desaturated layer and go to Image > Adjustments > Invert (Ctrl+I/Command+I). Now (in the box that I mark in fuchsia in the image) modify the blending mode of the layer by checking Color Dodge.

invest in photoshop to convert photo to drawing
select blend mode
color dodge

blur the image following the path Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Activate the preview and modify the radius with the cursor until you find an optimal result (I have left it at 12) and press OK.

gaussian blur path
Preview Gaussian blur in photoshop
validate blur

add a texture. If you want, you can add a paper texture. To do this you have to download it (for example this one) and open it in the program. Move it over your converted photo and stretch it to match the full size of your image. When you have it, select the Multiply blending mode. Finally, modify the opacity to integrate it.

add texture in photoshop
merge option multiply

texture layer opacity

And this would be the result.

Photo converted to pencil drawing with Photoshop

If you want the effect to be more real or in more detail, I leave you this other video:

So far the methods to convert your photo into a drawing. You have entertainment for a while 🤪 . I hope it has been useful to you and that you share it with your people, someone will surely appreciate it or be encouraged to share funny photos with you.

And if you have tried any or know another that is not here, we invite you to share it in the comments ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️. Remember that the Photographer’s Blog is built by all of us.

Thank you and see you soon.

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