How to compress images in Windows 10/11?


There are many situations in which it can be helpful to compress images in Windows and, depending on what your expectations are, you should opt for one of these solutionsNo more programs are needed than those that are included in the latest versions of Windows, although those who wish to do so will always be able to look for options beyond their own computer

Especially if you have noticed that you do not have many free GB on your hard drive, knowing how to compress images in Windows 10/11 will allow you to take up less space when managing your files in formats such as JPG or PNG. This is an extremely interesting tutorial, especially for those users who usually work with this kind of element, such as professional photographers or bloggers, so if this is your case, we recommend you continue reading.

The following tutorials that we are going to teach work on both Windows 10 and Windows 11and you have to apply each of them before going to cloud storage platforms, or image galleries.

Obviously, we can achieve our goal both by modifying the original format of the files themselves, as well as by resorting to other solutions, so it is better that you review them all to see which one is more useful to you.

Best ways to compress images in Windows 10/11

use Paint

Paint is one of the easiest apps to use for many tasks, such as compressing images.

Open Paint on your PC and, already in the program, open the file in question Once open, go to File, Save as, and select a format Then select a location where you want to save that file Click the Save button to complete the procedure

Use Paint 3D

Paint 3D plants a solution very similar to that of Paint of all lifeso the process is not very different.

Open Paint 3D on your PC and, already in the program, open the file in question Once open, go to File, Save as, and select a format Then select a location where you want to save that file Click the Save button to complete the procedure

use photoshop

If you have a little more knowledge, it is likely that you have installed Photoshop on your computer, and it is one of the programs that collaborates with you the most of all those downloaded to your computer, for example when reducing photos. Thanks to Photoshop, it is possible to compress images up to 50% without losing quality.

Open the image in PhotoshopPress Shift+Alt+Ctrl+SChoose an ideal formatSelect the compression levelClick the Save button to finish

Use free software

There are endless ways out of this need, including various programs that we can download and install on a PC. We can mention some like Mass Image Compressor, Imagine, Ashampoo Photo Optimizer or hJPEG. All of them will let you, in just a few minutes, reduce the size of your images and photographs.

On the other hand, there are certain online alternatives that you shouldn’t stop considering either, since they free you from downloads. Among them, we have the following: TinyPNG,, Optimizilla and Toolur. They are all very reliable.

Create a ZIP or RAR file

By last, you should not rule out under any point of view using the classic compression tools. We are talking about ZIP and RAR files, within which we can include our photographic images.

You only have to store all the image files inside a higher file, of the ZIP or RAR type. this tool is available to all users, and allows you to reduce several MB or GB in your files.

compress images windows 3

Other frequently asked questions

How do I compress an image without losing quality?

There are multiple ways to compress an image without losing quality since, as we have seen, there are several online tools to compress images on PC, but if you have Photoshop or some photo editing alternative it may be enough for your interests. Otherwise, if Paint isn’t what you’re looking for, there’s always third-party software on hand.

How to reduce the file size of a JPEG photo?

In this sense, we could say that everything will depend first on the photograph, because an image with some text can be passed to PNG from JPEG so that it takes up less space. However, you can also reduce its dimensions in many cases, as long as that does not mean a detriment when using it where you use it.

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