How to Check for Duplicate Content: Overview and Tools


If you are looking for an overview and the guide to use the best similarity checker tool on the web, then we should guess that you are in the right place because today we are going to discuss the most top-rated tool on the web! The reason that we have short-listed this tool in our article today is that out of hundreds of paid and free applications and websites providing tools to check plagiarism only this is the one that is considered to be most efficient, reliable, free, and accurate in checking duplication! We will recommend you to stay tuned and keep reading this three-minute article in detail. We enlighten you with its working and with its special features!

Similarity checker tool by Smallseotools!

So the tools that are considered to be the best one on the web for plagiarism checking is by small seo tools, and if you are related to the content business then you should not be surprised as the small seo tools have a brief and shining history of providing its users with the best services helping them in search engine optimization and content management! We want you guys to know that this similarity checker tool is one of the top-rated tools by this website and if you want 100% free and reliable results then you should start using this tool without any delay!

This tool is said to be a premium-level tool available among the free tools on the web and is also very much easy to use so if you are interested in having accurate results then this is the tool for you guys! Now you don’t have to worry whether your content belongs to the academic sector or online business, you must focus on the fact that this tool can check any kind and every kind of content with the help of its intelligent algorithms! The most checked content by this tool includes academic assignments, guest posts, blogs, eBooks, articles related to news, term papers, website page content, content on social media sites and even emails. The list goes on, and there is nothing this tool can’t check, so we want you to use this tool for sure!

Working of the similarity checker tool by SST!

Now we want you guys to understand that similarity checkers are usually not easy to use and have complex interfaces, but this tool has the most understandable interface among all other tools on the web, and the working procedure of it is very much easy! Below we have stated some simple steps that if you follow, you can know how to operate this tool!

  1. this is the link that you have to click on the get yourself straight on the interface of the tool!
  2. Now when you open up the tool, we want you to know that you will see a very detailed but complete interface that you must go through, from top to bottom! This tool would have a text box on the top of it, and we want you to add the text in this box that needs to be checked, make sure that the word count does not increase the thousand-word limit by the tool!
  3. You can simply upload documents using the upload icons of the similarity checker but make sure you respect the word limit!
  4. When done with entering the text in the box, you have to scroll down the page a little and click on the CHECK FOR PLAGIARISM button!

It only takes less than 0.9 seconds for the tool to check similarity in your content and we want you guys to know that there is no other free and advanced tool on the web that can beat the efficiency of the similarity checker by smallseotools! Also, you don’t have to worry about our content being unsafe as this tool unlike other similarity checker tools does not save your content in its database rather your content is deleted from the system after a few minutes of checking it! There are many more features of the tools that we have stated below!

Features of the Plagiarism/Similarity checker tool by SST!

  • For starters, the tool is free to use and is user-friendly!
  • The tool has a vast database covering over thirty billion of updated webpages!
  • The tool has its very own automatic rewriting feature that can help you remove plagiarism!
  • The tool accepts multiple formats of written content!
  • The tool understands the language that you speak and so can understand multilingual content!
  • The tool has the best reporting features, you can know about the exact percentage of plagiarism in content and also about the percentage of the original one!
  • This tool has a built-in grammar checker tool that can help you remove grammatical errors!
  • The tool has cloud and URL integrations that you should experience yourself!
  • The tool has WordPress plugins!
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