How to change your home page in Brave?


Brave, a browser famous for making micropayments to its customers, but even more so for its security and privacy, allows you to modify certain aspects of the experience, such as the home pageAs in almost all other browsers, you have to go to the Configuration section, and make the necessary changes to go to our reference portal in just one click

Although there are dozens of browsers available, Brave has become one of the favorites of a large part of the public thanks to some particular features, such as better security and greater privacy. Obviously, this does not mean that it does not share many other important features with other similar software. For example, as in most browsers, there is the possibility to change your home page in Brave, customizing this program and accessing directly to your favorite portal.

As we said, like most other web browsers, Brave agrees with them in that it is possible to modify its home page, and establish that, with a simple click, we reach the web that interests us. Pressing the Start button, we will go to the portal that we have determined to be. Precisely, the “start”.

Before starting the tutorial, remember that you will need to know which is the web address or URL that will be selected as the starting one in Brave. Once you have it, you will notice that the tutorial is very simple.

Change the homepage of Brave Browser on PC

Like is logic, most users will want to do this tutorial on their computers, because it is in these teams where we mostly navigate. For that reason we start with this version of an essential trick.

Run Brave on your PC as usualIn the upper right corner, click on the menu with three horizontal linesOnce the menu opens, select the Settings section, and within it go to AppearanceOn the right side of the screen, In Appearance, click on Show home button, if it is not enabled A home button will automatically appear, right next to the address bar, and by clicking on it, the page that you have indicated that you prefer as the home page will immediately open. home in BraveUnder Show home button, you will find the Enter custom web address fieldBy clicking on that field, you can type or paste the desired web address or URLFor example, if you want your home page to be IslaBit, you just have to paste “https: //»

With that you will be done, and remember that you can change the home page of Brave again as many times as you want. Therefore, this can be modified according to what your interests are at any given time.

every time you do click on the icon next to the web address, you will go directly to your home page.

change home page Brave 3

Change Brave Browser home page on mobile

Previously we taught you how to change the homepage of Brave Browser on PC, but we still know that some users also use alternative browsers to Chrome and Safari on mobilesuch as Firefox or Brave.

Run Brave on your iPhone or Android In the lower right corner of Brave, select the three-dot button and go to Settings Within this particular menu, you have to click on the Home page section In that section, activate the switch first if it is offThen, go to Open this page, and activate Enter custom web addressBy clicking on that field, you can write or paste the desired web address or URLFor example, if you want your home page to be IslaBit, you just have to paste “https://»

Again, here ends the tutorial on smartphones that, as you can see, is not complicated at all and anyone can carry it out. As always, you have the possibility to re-modify your home page if you wish to do so.

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