How to always show the scroll bar on macOS


By default, to make users focus more on the content and save distractions, we don’t forever we see the scrollbar on macOS. Apple will dim the scroll bars every time we finish scrolling through a window.

This is somewhat inconvenient for many people who prefer to always have the bar available, regardless of whether they are using it or not. Luckily, macOS has a simple option to keep it permanently on, and it’s all too easy to enable. A little further down, we will see all the steps that we must follow to achieve it and we assure you that it is a matter of less than five minutes to achieve it.

Set scroll bar to always show on macOS

The first thing we will have to do is go to System Preferences by clicking on the corresponding icon in the Dock; we can also do it through the Spotlight search bar. Additionally, we can click on the Apple icon on the top left bar and choose System Preferences from the available options.

Once we are in the System Preferences window, we will have to go to the “General” option, which is the first that appears.


On the “General” page, we are going to have to look for an option called “Show scroll bars” and among the available options, we are going to check the one that says “Always”.

That would be all we need to do to always show the scroll bar on macOS. Whenever we perform a page scroll on our Mac, be it in Notes, Safari, or even a PDF document, the scroll bars will always be displayed on the right of the window we are navigating.

If we don’t want to use the mouse or trackpad to scroll, we can click and drag the scroll bars to move the display position of any window. As you can see, it is something too easy and quick to configure. However, if you still have any kind of doubt about this topic, remember that you can leave us a comment a little further down and we will be happy to help you solve it.

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