How to add zoom to PowerPoint presentations?


The zoom is an essential tool in different environments, especially when we want some aspect of something, on which we are focusing, to be more evident with the naked eye.In Office PowerPoint, we have the possibility of applying zoom to different issues that are within the document, such as texts, images, links, or any other that is worth highlighting

In student and work environments, slides are essential for making pitches and presentations in front of superiors and equals. Therefore, knowing all the details of the programs used in these cases, known as office software, can make a difference. For example, knowing how to add a zoom in PowerPoint presentations will allow you to highlight parts of your slides when you teach them.

One of those little details that will surely attract the attention of those who attend your presentation is the zoom. It will be enough that you pass with the cursor over some specific content so that it enlarges in view. Basically, it would be to bring the traditional zoom function to the documents that you create in PowerPoint.

In this program, when zooming in on a section or slide, those who are viewing the document will be able to better observe all the internal elements, whether they are texts, images, links, or any other element.

How to create a section zoom in PowerPoint?

Using sections in PowerPoint is a good way to break up your presentation in separate portions. You can take advantage of them to organize your slides, or to highlight something by means of the aforementioned zoom.

Once you have configured the sections within your PowerPoint presentation, you must do the following:

Located in the section, go to the Insert tab, to the Links section, and click on Section zoomIn the Insert section zoom window, check the box and finish with InsertThe zoom will be on your slide, and it looks like a static image, which you can personalize

Once you’ve customized the section, click Section Zoom, and you’ll see the zoom effect when you get to the first slide of that section. You will advance through each slide and then return to zoom.

How to create a slide zoom in PowerPoint?

Not unlike section zoom is slide zoom, so if you don’t want to use sections, or you’re not used to them and prefer to play it safe, we advise you to opt for slide zoom.

Go to the slide you want to Zoom to, then Insert, Ribbon Links, and Slider Zoom. You can also add a Multi Zoom or a Summary Zoom, and in all cases customize them. Automatically insert them, you will always see the effect on top of the slide.

zoom powerpoint presentations 3

Slide Zoom Customization

The most interesting thing about slide zoom is that many of its features can be customized. You can do it from the Zoom tab, on the left side, from the different actions:

change image: If you prefer to show an image instead of a slide for zoom, select the option in question. You can insert images from files, stock images, icon images, etc.back to zoom: you have the possibility to go back to the zoom, and you do it by checking that box. In a section zoom, you’ll return after advancing to the last slide in the section, while in a slide zoom, you’ll return after viewing that particular slide, so keep that in mind when deciding.zoom transition: Although a section or slide zoom is intended to provide a transition effect, you may prefer to use the feature without that effect, so for that you need to uncheck the Zoom Transition box, which will allow you to get rid of of the effect in seconds.zoom duration: If you decide to keep the zoom transition, you can use the Duration field to change the duration of the effect. Enter a number in seconds or use arrows to increase or decrease the duration.

In addition to zooming PowerPoint presentations, you can customize many of its qualities.

Other tools in the Zoom section

Along with the previous actions, you can also change the style of the zoom, its borders, its backgrounds, its texts. Always select the zoomed section or slide, and then modify the aspects you want.

Have you been able to add zoom to your PowerPoint presentations with this step by step?

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