How to add wireless charging to an old iPhone?


iPhone models that integrate wireless charging are too expensive, and many users probably consider that it is not worth investing so much if their old equipment worksIn case you think that this feature is a must, you can always buy a cheap gadget to add it to your old iPhone, and be able to charge it without the need for cables.

As time goes by, there are certain characteristics of smartphones that clearly define which range they belong to. The camera is usually one of them. However, if there is something that helps classify mobiles today, it is whether or not they have wireless charging. Those that offer it belong, without a doubt, to the high range. However, Although you would not believe it possible, you can add or add wireless charging to an old iPhone, avoiding having to invest in a new phone.and that is something that as users you should know.

Above all, because although in Android we have equipment with wireless charging from approximately 500 euros, as far as Apple is concerned, the outlay that must be made to enjoy this function is always higher. So the possibility of adding wireless charging to an old iPhone for little money should be considered.

On the other hand, if you know how it works, you’ll be aware that wireless charging is one of those smartphone features that isn’t essential, but is very convenient if you have it. You may think that if the phone doesn’t have wireless charging, there’s no way to retroactively add it. But, as we explained, you would be wrong.

Wireless charging, that long-known utility

It may not seem like it, but wireless charging is actually a very old technology, from decades ago. Even electric toothbrushes have been in use since the 1990s and this innovation first appeared on phones in the late 2000s. So there should be solutions to add it. And there are. They are the same ones that we are going to show you in the following lines, so prepare your old iPhone.

Basically what we’re going to do is take advantage of wireless chargers that use magnetic induction to transmit power. Usually, A magnetic field is created between the wireless charger coils and the phone coils. Magnetic energy is converted into electrical energy, which is what charges the battery.

As you might guess, those coils are key for our purposes, and the key is that they’re small, They hardly take up space, and that is why we can also add them to mobiles that do not have them from the factory.

Products to wirelessly charge your old iPhone

As we’ve mentioned, there’s a wireless charging system you can add to iPhone models that don’t already come with it by default, and all you have to do is buy the Qi receiver which is added to the device.

In fact, there are many of these gadgets, although you have to be careful and make sure that it is compatible with your mobile. After reviewing the options available on the Internet, for us one of the best possible solutions has to do with this Qi Receiver for iPhone from the NILLKIN brand, available on Amazon, through this link.

This accessory is available at a price of 14.99 euros, so it is a tiny price in exchange for being able to add wireless charging to an iPhone, in addition to the possibility of choose between a long cable or a short cable.

Like accessories from other brands, this is a wireless charging coil connected to a small cable that plugs into the phone, and which has an adhesive to adhere to the back of the device. Assuming that you use a case for your smartphone, it may well be hidden inside it, so as not to be seen.

This adapter is also waterproof, so if your phone is waterproof, you can still take advantage of it. As you can see, these are all advantages, and then all you have to do is connect it to a Qi charger to forget about cables.

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