How to add Polygon to MetaMask?


Metamask is one of the best browser extensions when it comes to digital walletsThrough it, you will be able to have access to many of your assets in cryptocurrencies in the main blockchains such as Polygon, although you must add them to see and manage them.

MetaMask is a browser extension developed from a famous digital wallet app, which is connected to the Ethereum mainnet by default, allowing us to access it conveniently. In addition to downloading the app, it is possible to customize some aspects, so we show you the simple step-by-step that you must follow to add Polygon to MetaMask, and the requirements that you must previously meet to do so.

Precisely, one of the useful configurations that this extension allows is to connect to the Polygon network. Assuming you have an account with money in it, you will be able to manage it from MetaMask without problems.

Of course, to link both platforms, you must add basic information of the Polygon blockchain network inside MetaMaskWe’re talking about data like a custom RPC URL, chain ID, and network name. Generally, users have problems with this synchronization, which we are going to dwell on.

How to add Polygon to MetaMask manually?

Having MetaMask installed, the first step

As we said, if you intend to interact with the Polygon blockchain from MetaMask, you will have to take care of adding it, because it does not come by default. Even so, it is a very simple procedure, which takes just a few minutes and, upon completion, it lets you control the Polygon network from the MetaMask app.

Of course, the first thing you’ve probably already done is download the aforementioned MetaMask extension. You can download and install it on Chrome, iOS and Android, from this link, which leads to its website.

Create a new wallet in the extension

The second part of the tutorial is about creating a new wallet, precisely on the Create a wallet button. Likewise, you can import old wallets using their seed phrase, from Import wallet.

Next, set a good password to log in to the wallet from the browser, which will work as a seed phrase, so no codes or phrases that are too obvious and can be guessed.

add Polygon MetaMask 3

Once the password is determined, MetaMask will offer you information about your new seed phrase. We recommend that you read it carefully, otherwise you will lose access in the future.

Configure Polygon, at the end

In order for your wallet to be compatible with Polygon it is necessary to add certain data, starting by opening MetaMask, clicking on the network dropdown menu, and then on Add network, to write the following information:

Network NamePolygonNew RPC URL Chain ID 137 Block Explorer MATICURL Currency Symbol

And ready, automatically give it the OK, you will be correctly connected to the Polygon network from MetaMask.

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